Parfums de Marly Layton Review For Men And Women

It is one of the popular perfumes that is produced by Parfums de Marly that can be used by both men and women. Since it was released it has been my perfume of choice as it has a sweet, spicy scent. Its longevity and projection are high. That’s why it is still being produced.  It has an awesome presentation, and the bottle is amazing and its fragrance warms you up all the time. In this regard this in mind, this article will look at Parfums de Marly Layton review on my personal view and those who have also used it.




When opened, it gives a sugary fruity scent that gives an energizing and revitalizing sign to start the day. Its sweetness remains all day long giving that confidence approach all the time. It gives me a pleasant non-offensive fragrance of a combination of violet, sandalwood pepper and that of apple.  It is an elegant, pleasing, classy and also intriguing. Thus the Layton gives some pleasure to all senses. This raises your dopamine levels and those that are around you.

Product Benefits

Layton has a spicy fragrance that of sandalwood with accents of sweet caramel, vanilla and that of green apple. The sandalwood adds the aroma combined with that of lavender, and this keeps you fresh all the time with sweet floral fragrance emerge despite that they are not that strong. The scent of jasmine and geranium keep you fresh and become the center of attraction to those that are around you. You can read the Creed Aventus cologne review, this is a very good quality cologne. It’s almost like it’s worth it.

Best Benefit

This is irresistible as I get a remarkable fragrance. I have grouped it as the best perfume in my wardrobe as this scent gives me pleasure. Having in mind that this scent is well blended gives that connectivity phenomenon, which anyone would long for. I prefer this anytime.

Who Needs It Most?

As it has an enticing fragrance, it is designed to be used perfectly by men and women. With its top notes of orange, mandarin, lavender, apple, and bergamot it gives a relaxing mode with the floral fragrances of jasmine violet and geranium. Therefore anyone who needs that warmer fresh, relaxing confident mode Layton is there for your solution. 

Positive Sides of the Product

As I walk into a pathway, or in the office, the room gets brighter as everyone comes out with a smile. I can wear all-white suits, and the Layton brings out perfection. It gives a tempting, seductively sweet, spicy fragrance wherever I go, thus increasing my confidence level.

It can be very difficult to dislike this offer that   Parfums de Marly gives. I really love its killer fragrance as its very spicy.

Negative Sides of the Product

The fragrances are sometimes too generic and boring when compared to other the floral scent may be to unique as some people may require that specific fragrance that you are associated with. It is not bad, but it was nothing special.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Layton Parfums de Marly fragrances have this patchouli and guaiac base. This makes it more masculine and strong while the sandalwood jasmine, lavender geranium, and vanilla make it sweet. Hence it can be used by both men and women. It has a fragrance that signifies world innocence. Whenever I am dressed formally, this fragrance is well matched. The sharp fragrances are just irresistible.

How to Use it properly?

It is so versatile, and you can smell it whenever you are together. Whether you are running your errands, you are going out to BBQ, the office, university party boys or girl’s night out or chilling out in the house, and also on Saturdays as you are walking around the back yard.  This is most preferred to put on. It can be used in all season whether summer or fall and in any situation, I highly recommend it to both men women

Final Verdict

It is absolutely amazing, and it a true definition of fragrance with high quality and high-end designer feeling. That said I would highly recommend it since at no given time that this fragrance literally doesn’t work out. If you are the person, who likes complements and requires that fragrances that will last moré than 10 hours this is the best choice.

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