5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men

Written by Lucas M. Hall

You may not have heard about Perry Ellis when it comes to designer perfumes, but it surely has some amazing fragrances stored up on the shelves. The best Perry Ellis Cologne is a fresh take on men’s perfume that marries boldness and freshness. A few spritzes here and there and you’re ready to head out the door.

Best Perry Ellis Colognes: Comparison Table

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
1st 5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 1 Perry Ellis 360 Red Check Price
2nd 5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 2 Perry Ellis 360 White Check Price
3rd 5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 3 Perry Ellis 360 Black Check Price
4th 5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 4 Perry Ellis Reserve Check Price
5th 5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 5 Perry Ellis 18 Eau de Toilette Spray Check Price

01. Perry Ellis 360 Red

5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 6

This particular perfume will remind you of a tall glass of red wine as it has a dazzling red glass bottle and a red crystal on top. The fragrance itself is bright and matures at various stages. At the very beginning, it smells like a fresh garden of citrus fruit, lime, and lavender. It slowly develops the scent of oakmoss, cedar, and Italian bergamot.

The combination creates a woody and floral vibe and you can wear it any time of the day. It dries down quickly and lasts for a long time on the skin.

02. Perry Ellis 360 White

5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 7

The designer bottle is similar to the 360 red but is in an elegant cream crystal shade. The container will look excellent on any vanity or desk if one wishes to showcase it.

Likewise, this fragrance evokes a feeling of comfort and energy at the same time as it has extracts of pure vanilla and also the zesty mandarin notes. The lavender essence plays a role in providing a calming sensation. Overall, the 360 white is a sweet smell for men and you can wear it during the day.

03. Perry Ellis 360 Black

5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 8

This might be among the best Perry Ellis cologne for men according to the base note and top note; both evoke a bold and seductive scent. The mid note of black basil, tamarind, and nutmeg gives the perfume a mysterious character.

As the cologne is pretty musky and has elements of spices, it is more suitable for nighttime wear. It is also housed in a beautiful black bottle that will, without a doubt, steal your attention. It is simply an easy pick for a dinner date.

04. Perry Ellis Reserve

5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 9

If you want a fragrance that is not too bold but will still come through as masculine, the Reserve will be a good pick. The exotic blend of bergamot, long stem black rose, and champagne creates a woody smell that is earthy and sophisticated but not at all faint.

It dries down with oakmoss, midnight musk, and amber notes which balances the woody fragrance. These perfumes are spray perfumes and will not leave any stain.

05. Perry Ellis 18 Eau de Toilette Spray

5 Best Perry Ellis Colognes For Men 10

This perfume has handpicked notes that will evoke in you the evergreen and energetic feeling of being 18. Geranium, jasmine, and white birch are unconventional notes which are fused to perfection and reassemble the ‘out of the box’ youth vibe. Additionally, the watery marine top note gives freshness to the perfume.

It has different packaging than the Perry Ellis 360. The bottle is rectangular and in chrome opaque silver which holds 3.4 ounces of cologne.

Although Perry Ellis has less designer perfume than most fashion houses, the best Perry Ellis cologne can still be a top contender in the perfume realm.

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