Best Recumbent Bike for Obese Reviews: Best Heavy-duty Bikes for Overweight People

Written by Steve M. Ford

A recumbent bike provides a great way to get in shape, especially if you prefer working out from the comfort of your home. Besides being so effective, these bikes are incredibly convenient and safe.

However, for an obese person, finding a recumbent bike that will fit your size and weight can be a challenge. Most models usually have their weight capacity capped at 300 pounds, which might not be sufficient for some users.  And even when you go up the ladder, there are still so many options to navigate.

But don’t let that deter you; we are here to help out. Today, we will look at some of the best recumbent bike for obese people. These include both bikes with 300 pounds weight limit and those with higher weight capacities.

But before we delve into the review, let’s see why you need a recumbent bike in the first place.

Why Get a Recumbent Bike

When stacked against other exercise bikes, the recumbent bike seems to be the easiest to use. This, combined with the fact that they usually have wider seats with comfy padding, makes them an excellent choice for obese riders. It minimizes the pressure on the joint while giving you a good cardio workout.

Compared to an upright bike, an obese person will have to lean forward while working out. This can be a big challenge since we are dealing with a lot of weight. It can cause back pain!

On the other hand, a recumbent bike has a laid-back design that allows you to sit in a relaxed position while pedalling. This way, it’s able to support your upper body while distributing your weight over a large surface area, thereby reducing the pressure on your lower body and removing any strain on your knees.

This design is not only perfect for obese people but also seniors, people in rehabilitation, and generally anyone who has a poor form and wants to shred some fat.

Finally, a recumbent bike offers much more convenience and accessibility than a road bike. You can work out anytime you want, regardless of the weather condition outside.

Our List of the Top 5 Best Recumbent Bike for Obese

01. Editor’s Choice: 3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike, Recumbent

The 3G Cardio Elite RB doesn’t only excel in performance; it’s also one of the most comfortable bikes out there. It comes packed with a lot of cool features – magnetic resistance, a smooth belt drive system, adjustable seat, a solid metal frame, a compact footprint and a commercial warranty – all geared towards giving you a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. There are 16 resistance levels which you can adjust the bike to depending on your need. In other words, the machine is suitable for various degrees of cardio training – light, medium and even intense workouts. Overall, if you’re serious about getting into shape and want to do it from the comfort of your home, then the Elite RB will make a great choice.

With dimensions of 49″(L) x 27″(W) x 43″(H), the Elite RB is undeniably one of the most compact exercise bikes out there and is shorter than many similar models. This makes it easier to access and fit in, which is definitely a plus for seniors. The step-thru frame is quite low, which makes it easier to get on and off. It has a robust metal construction that can support up to 350 pounds of weight.

We were also impressed with the heavy flywheel, which ensures a smooth ride and provides you with more resistance. As earlier indicated, the drive system is belt, so it operates very quietly. The resistance mechanism is magnetic, so it requires little to no maintenance.

The unit is very easy to assemble. And much of it is connected to how well the hardware and accessories are packaged with clear instructions. The items are arranged in cards with labels, so you know exactly where they go. The instructions are pretty straightforward. However, it’s worth noting that the unit is quite heavy, so you may need help to lift and fit individual components.

The bike also features an LCD console that displays useful information about your workout. But it’s not like the one you see on cheaper models; it’s a bit advanced with a larger screen and blue LED backlight that allows you to read the screen in low light conditions. The metrics displayed include distance, calories burned, pulse, speed, time, watts and RPM. You can also input your user information such as age, height, gender, and weight. While it doesn’t have online connectivity, it offers up to 16 programs to help you get started. You can also adjust the resistance in manual mode as you work out.


  • Brand: 3G Cardio
  • Maximum user weight: 350 pounds
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Color: Gray/Silver
  • Dimensions: 49″ x 27″ x 43″
  • Weight: 115 pounds
  • Recline position: Yes
  • Number of resistance levels: 16


  • Large LCD screen
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Compact design (suitable for tight spaces)
  • Comfortable seat, even for long runs (extremely adjustable)
  • Comes with preset programs
  • High weight limit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stores up to four user profile


  • No online connectivity

02. Best Rated: Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance

The Marcy ME-709 is another budget-friendly recumbent bike that provides an easy way to shed unwanted fat and improve your cardiovascular endurance. With dimensions of 58″ x 20″ x 38″, the footprint is relatively small, which makes it an excellent choice for small spaces.

While it’s not the most sophisticated model, it packs a number of features you would normally find in larger and more expensive models. Some of these include an LCD display, adjustable resistance, seat and handlebars, front wheels, magnetic resistance and a pedal system with safety straps. We also like the step-through design, which makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

The unit is fairly easy to put together though you may need an extra hand when attaching the tension and computer cables. Once assembled, the bike feels sturdy, quiet and supports up to 300 pounds weight. It holds up well even if you decide to use it every day.

There are 8 resistance levels, which should meet the needs of most average users. For an obese person, this should be sufficient.

With regards to build quality, the bike features premium 14-gauge steel tubing with rubber, PVC, and powder-coated finish. It’s an amazing combo of quality and performance for such a small price. The powder coating helps to protect it from chips, scratches and the elements.

The contoured handles and seat allow for proper body form, while the step-through design makes the bike easier on the knees and back. It is also easier to get on and off the bike.

The bike uses a magnetic resistance system which allows you to change the resistance via a tension knob. So it’s easy to customize the training to your level.

Overall, we are impressed with the quality and performance of the bike. For the price, you will hardly find a better alternative.


  • Brand: Marcy
  • Color: Black/Gray/Copper
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Overall weight: 61 pounds
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Power source: Battery
  • Number of resistance levels: 8
  • Dimensions: 58″ x 20″ x 38″
  • Digital monitor: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes


  • Compact design
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Portable
  • Comes with LCD display
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Adjustable seat and resistance


  • Few plastic parts

03. SF-RB4616 Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Moving on, we have one of the best affordable recumbent bikes from Sunny Health & Fitness – the SF-RB4616. It’s an excellent choice for obese people who weigh under 300 pounds.

One of the major highlights is the digital monitor, which helps you to stay focused. It records metrics such as time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, and odometer – all in real-time.

We found the handles quite convenient. Each one is outfitted with pulse grip sensors for monitoring your heart rate and workout intensity. Though it weighs about 59 pounds, which puts it on the heavy side, it comes with front wheels which allow for easy portability. As indicated earlier, the weight limit is 300 pounds.

The bike uses magnetic resistance and provides up to 8 resistance levels which is a sweet spot for someone who is obese. It’s also an excellent bargain for the price, though we can definitely use more resistance. So feel free to crank it up whenever you’re ready for a new challenge.

We also love that the bike has seat adjustment that is very easy to use. In fact, you can use the seat adjuster without getting up off the machine. Just click the handle by your side; it’s that convenient. Comfort-wise, the seat is cushioned to make it comfortable enough for longer sessions. The backrest is also padded for extra comfort and support.

The bike also comes with a digital track that records your workout metrics in real-time. One of the essential metrics for us is heart rate. Knowing your heart rate can help keep you motivated to burn more calories during the course of your workout.

Assembly is straightforward. The provided instructions are very clear, and all the tools are included. Though we felt the tools are a bit cheap though they are sufficient to get, the job done. You can always use your own tools if you wish.


  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Color: Gray
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 46″L x 24.5″W x 38″H
  • Overall weight: 58.7 pounds
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Digital monitor: Yes
  • Power source: Battery
  • Drive system: Belt


  • Easy to assemble
  • Step-through design for easy access
  • Adjustable foot pedal straps
  • Easy to move around
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with dual handlebars
  • Easy seat adjustment


  • Included tools look a bit cheap

04. SF-RB4708 Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you want a great inexpensive alternative to the Peloton bike, then this model from Sunny Health will make an excellent choice. Like the other options above, the bike is specifically designed for working out at home and has a massive 350 pounds maximum user weight limit. It is outfitted with a stable and adjustable base that adapts to different ground surfaces. Let’s review some of the key features.

The bike features a robust, heavy-duty alloy steel frame with a belt drive system that offers a smooth and ride with low maintenance requirements. It uses magnetic resistance and provides up to 8 resistance levels. As earlier indicated, the bike can support up to 330 pounds weight.

The bike has a personalized design that features a fully adjustable oversized seat with a comfortable backrest. The foot pedals are non-slip and adjustable and provide a large surface area to keep your feet stable and secure throughout the duration of your workout.

There are two roller wheels located at the bottom, in front of the frame, which allow for easy moving and relocation of the bike. Just tilt it a bit and move it on the wheels to any part of the home.

Despite having such a low price tag, the bike still comes with a digital monitor that displays your performance. This helps you to keep track of important metrics about your workout, such as speed, time, calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, and odometer. The bike also has a knob for adjusting to different resistance levels and for stopping the bike.


  • Brand: Sunny Health
  • Color: Gray
  • Number of resistance levels: 8
  • Weight: 94.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 60” x 25.5” x 52”
  • Drive system: Belt
  • Maximum user weight: 350 pounds
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Adjustable design: Yes


  • Reasonably priced
  • Solid construction
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth, uniform ride
  • Easy to move


  • Small screen

05. Jeekee Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults Seniors

Jeekee is another wonderful recumbent exercise bike designed specifically for older adults. It provides a “heart-pumping” workout while providing support to your lower back. In other words, it doesn’t put any strain on your knees or joints.

Straight out of the box, the unit is easy to assemble. The instruction manual is simple enough, and all the tools are included. You’re basically going to be attaching a few parts and putting in some screws.

The bike features an LCD console that displays your real-time workout data. These include speed, calories burned, time, distance, pulse and odometer. It also comes with a stand to hold your devices, so you can watch TV, play a video game or listen to music while cycling.

Regarding resistance, you get 8 levels of magnetic resistance, which you can choose from during the course of your workout.

Comfort-wise, the bike is equipped with a 9-way seat which can be adjusted to accommodate users with different heights. Specifically, it can be adjusted from 4’9 – 6’5, which makes it suitable for both short and tall riders. By the way, the seat slide adjustment is very simple; you can also adjust the seat front/back to enable your legs to get the proper stride while pedalling.

We also like that the pedals are fully adjustable. Besides providing a snug fit, the straps help to keep your feet secure on the pedal. So you don’t have to worry about your feet falling off while working out. The bike also provides a lot of room to get on and off, which makes it a safe option for seniors and people with injuries or those undergoing therapy.

There are two transport wheels at the bottom of the front base, which allow you to move the bike from one location to another.


  • Brand: JEEKEE
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Core material: Alloy steel
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Number of resistance levels: 8
  • Adjustable seat: Yes
  • Drive system: Belt
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Phone holder: Yes
  • Dimensions: 19.3″W x 53.5″L x 39″H


  • Comes with phone holder
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to put together
  • Equipped with heart pulse sensors
  • Comes with transport wheels
  • Smooth and quiet ride


  • Couldn’t find any

Best Recumbent Bike for Obese: Buying Guide

So, what are the things to know before putting your money into a recumbent bike? Let’s quickly go over them.


Before putting out your money for any cycling bike, you should consider the resistance levels. Ideally, you want a bike with variable resistance. The number of resistance levels differs with each bike, but generally, the more resistance levels a bike has,  the more challenging or demanding it will be. So, except you’re a beginner, you probably want a bike with more resistance levels.

Most bikes usually come with a button, lever, or knob to adjust the resistance. Any one of these control is fine, provided it’s placed where you can easily access it.

Digital Monitor

A digital monitor might not be a must-have, but it can be very helpful, especially if you need something to keep you motivated. The screen displays useful information about your workout, which often includes real-time metrics like calories burned, time, speed, distance, pulse, and even heart rate.

As earlier indicated, this is not an essential feature, but it’s definitely useful and will make it easier to keep track of your progress. This can be a huge motivator to reach for the next level.

Drive System

Two major parts that control the movement and speed of an exercise bike are the flywheel and pedals. The connection between these two is made by the drive system or transmission. There are two main types of drive systems – chain drive and belt drive.

The chain drive system is the one you see in older cycling bikes. It makes you feel like you’re riding an actual traditional road bike. The major disadvantage with this system is that it tends to be a bit noisy and typically requires more maintenance than a belt drive system.

A belt system, on the other hand, offers a smoother and quieter ride. It tends to be more durable and requires less maintenance. The majority of magnetic exercise bikes use this drive system.

However, many experienced outdoor riders still prefer the chain drive.

Price Range

Even when you’re shopping for a cheap spin bike, it’s still a good idea to have a specific budget in mind. This helps to narrow down your options.

You can find many cheap spin bikes under $300, but if you want something with higher quality, you can move up further to $500. Looking up user reviews can be helpful in determining whether a particular bike is reliable and can meet your needs. This is very important since many cheap spin bikes are usually of low quality.


Recumbent bike or walking, which one is more effective?

Both are efficient forms of exercise that provide a good workout for your cardio. However, a recumbent bike might help you burn more calories, especially when you increase your pace.

Can a recumbent bike help me lose weight?

Yes. In fact, weight loss is one of the key benefits a recumbent bike provides. Just like outdoor cycling, it will help you burn a lot of calories, especially when you work out for extended periods. Thus, combined with the right diet, you can experience significant weight loss.

How long should I exercise on a recumbent bike?

This depends on your fitness goals. If you want to maintain your cardio health and stay in shape, then you should target 30 minutes of daily exercise on the bike. However, if your goal is to lose weight or improve your fitness level, then we recommend at least 60 minutes of exercise every day for 5 days in a week.

Do recumbent bikes improve your abs?

Yes, working out on a recumbent bike can improve your abs. This is because cycling besides burning calories, cycling engages your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles. So it also provides a good way to work on your abs.

Which one is better, a recumbent bike or an upright bike?

Both bikes will help you shred fat through cycling; however, their design is slightly different. Recumbent bikes are meant to provide more comfort, especially for people who have problems in their knee or lower back. On the other, upright bikes offer a more intense workout.

How many calories can I burn excess with a recumbent bike?

This really depends on your weight and workout intensity. The more resistance or tougher your workout is, the more calories you are likely to burn. With that said, most people 3-6 calories per minute or even more depending on your weight and pace. Generally, people with more weight tend to burn up more calories riding at the same pace as a lean person.


Finding the best recumbent bike for obese person can be a daunting task because you have to get it right with the weight capacity and price. Hopefully, with our review, things should be a lot easier. The five bikes reviewed here do not only promise to handle your weight but also give you the best run for your money. Whatever your fitness goals are, you will be able to achieve them using one of them.

It’s now up to you to take the plunge. If you need more insight, you can always check the buying guide section. If not, you can ask us your questions in the comment section.

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