Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide

Michael Jordan is undeniably one of the best basketball players to have emerged from the NBA. For many of us, he’s our all-time favorite and probably the greatest baller still alive today.

But you know what? Michael doesn’t hoop anymore. He now runs one of the most successful fashion lines in the world, dealing mostly in clothing, footwear, and fragrance, amongst other things.

Today, we take a look at five of his best colognes so far. We decided to keep it simple by focusing on just five colognes based on customer reviews, recommendations from our experts, and market analysis.

With this in mind, here are the best Michael Jordan cologne you should try out now.

Top Michael Jordan Cologne : Comparison Table

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
Best Rated Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide 1 Michael Jordan For Men Check Price
Best Overall Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide 2 Michael Jordan 23 Check Price
Best Quality Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide 3 Michael Jordan Flight Check Price

Our Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne Review

01. Best Rated: Michael Jordan for Men

Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide 4

Why it stands out to Us

The Michael Jordan for Men is a cologne formulated for men who want to stand out from every crowd. It gives off a fragrance that is intensely masculine but shrouded in elegance.

The fragrance feels much like a spicy pairing of lavender and amber. It comes in various flavors such as cedar, sandalwood, green tea, leather, etc.

What We Discovered With the Michael Jordan Cologne for Men

  • Long-lasting fragrance: The fragrance is long-lasting and only needs to be applied in a small amount. The sillage is quite good.
  • Not overpowering: The fragrance is not overpowering, so it’s easily adaptable to people allergic to strong perfumes.
  • Sleek design: We also love the sleek design of the bottle, which is also a travel size. It looks great on the cabinet and will easily fit into a backpack or luggage.
  • Great gift idea: Even if you don’t like the cologne, you can gift it to someone. Most people who have given it out as a gift have had good things to say in the end.

What We Didn’t Like

Some people may find the cologne a bit expensive.

Who Is It Great for

We think the fragrance works best for casual wear.


  • Light to moderate sillage
  • Fragrance class:
  • Longevity:
  • Volume: 3.4 oz.
  • Gender: Masculine


  • Elegant lavender fragrance
  • Leaves a refreshing effect
  • Perfect for daytime
  • Suitable for casual use
  • Not overpowering


  • A bit expensive

02. Best Overall: Michael Jordan 23

Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide 5

Why it Stands Out To Us

Just as the name suggests, the Michael Jordan 23 Cologne is targeted towards men in their 20s and 30s. So, if you find yourself in this category, then using this cologne will greatly enhance your personality.

The cologne has been around since 2004 and is still waxing strong. It gets our vote as the best overall cologne for men in Michael Jordan’s lineup.

The key ingredients include magnolia, grapefruit, watermelon, black currant, and fig leaves.

What We Discovered With the Michael Jordan 23

  • Generic: The cologne is suitable for any occasion – party, school, movie theaters, work, date nights, and so on.
  • Mild fragrance: The fragrance is relatively mild but still noticeable. This might come as a surprise since it’s meant to be a masculine scent. It’s perfect for a work environment as no one is going to get offended by the smell.
  • Good quality: The cologne is made in the US, which lends to its quality. It comes in spray form.
  • Aromatic fragrance: The cologne blends several notes to produce an aromatic fragrance that sits close to the skin. These include top notes of cedar, grapefruit, cognac, and cypress; heart notes of juniper berries, lavender, green tea, and fir; and base notes of musk, sandalwood, and patchouli.

What We Didn’t Like

The fragrance is not very noticeable.

Who Is It Great for

It’s perfect for middle-aged men in their 20s and 30s.


  • Volume: 3.4 oz.
  • Spray form
  • Longevity: Depends on your body chemistry
  • Light sillage
  • Gender: Masculine


  • Mild aromatic fragrance
  • Smells clean and fresh
  • Affordable price
  • Decent quality
  • Ingredients are environmentally friendly.
  • Big bottle


  • Might smell too mild on some occasions (and not even get noticed)

03. Best Quality: Michael Jordan Flight

Top 3 Best Michael Jordan Cologne: Complete Review & Guide 6

Why it Stands Out To Us?

The Michael Jordan Flight is an Eau de Toilette spray that comes in an attractive bottle that looks smart and sleek and makes a great addition to a man’s cabinet.

It happens to be fifth in Jordan’s fragrance collection for men and isn’t overly expensive despite having a nice scent and huge bottle. Women can also use it.

What We Discovered With the Michael Jordan Flight

  • Nice clean scent: The fragrance comes off like a light musk and citrus-like scent that smells really nice and fresh.
  • Decent longevity: When you spray the fragrance, it fills the air and lingers for about 10-15 minutes, after which it sits very close to the skin and can only be smelled at close range. It remains that way for up to 7 hours.
  • Needs more than one spray: You need to spray the cologne a few times to get a strong projection. The sillage is relatively light to moderate.
  • Great price: This is one of the more affordable cologne in Michael Jordan’s lineup.

What We Didn’t Like

The fragrance is only very noticeable in the first hour, after which one needs to come close to your skin to be able to sniff it.

Who Is It Great for

While the cologne mainly targets men, it also positions as unisex due to its light scent. So, women can also wear it.


  • Volume: 3.4 oz
  • Light to moderate sillage
  • Longevity: 7 hours
  • Spray form
  • Gender: Unisex


  • Affordable price
  • Smart bottle design
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Light, clean fragrance


  • Smells too light after the first hour

Michael Jordan Cologne: Buying Guide

Here are the key things to consider when choosing Michael Jordan cologne:


Bottles with a larger amount of cologne are often seen as a better deal. They may help you save more money.

However, when trying out a new brand, it’s always advisable to look for a smaller size bottle. If you like the scent, then you can opt for a large bottle or volume.


Besides wanting our colognes to smell good, sometimes we also want them to look good. This is where the bottle design comes in. Michael Jordan’s colognes aren’t exactly the fanciest colognes as far as aesthetics is concerned. However, they still have some good-looking colognes that adorn your desk, cabinet, or anywhere you place them. All five products reviewed here meet this criterion.


Michael Jordan colognes are available at a wide range of prices. Generally, these colognes seem to be on the cheaper side when compared with some other premium brands that cost as much as $200. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $16-$50 for the cologne.

Customer Reviews

 Checking online to hear what others are saying about a particular product can also be helpful. There’s no guarantee you will have the same experience, but it can help reinforce your decision to buy a particular cologne.

Don’t worry; Michael Jordan colognes are some of the highest-rated reviews online. That’s why they are so popular!


Question: What was the first Michael Jordan cologne made?

Answer: In 1996

Question: What are the best smelling Michael Jordan colognes?

Answer: Any one of the colognes above easily passes that feat. It all depends on the occasion and what matters most to you. But generally, you cannot go wrong here.

Question: What does it feel like when you smell Michael Jordan colognes?

Answer: Michael Jordan cologne has a wide variety of nice fragrances in its collection. There’s no single fragrance that dominates them all; however, you are most likely to see some ingredients more in their compositions. Some of these include cypress, Brazilian rosewood, grapefruit, and so on—the best way to find out what a particular cologne smell like is to get it.

Question: How can I get these colognes?

Answer: Simply click on the corresponding link to visit the product page.


There you have it – our best Michael Jordan cologne reviews for 2023.

We hope you enjoyed the article and have found something to add to your fragrance collection.

If you need any more help, simply drop your question in the comment box, and we will be glad to assist you. We will also like to hear your suggestions in case you’ve used any one of these products.

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