5 Best Kenneth Cole Colognes Spray For Men

Cologne’s are very personal, and it takes a lot of trials before you can find a perfume that will suit your skin. Kenneth Cole understands that and has created a wide range of alluring fragrances for you to choose from. Here are some of the best Kenneth Cole cologne that you can try.

Kenneth Cole Black



You can purchase the sensual and masculine scent in one bottle with this perfume. The designer bottle itself is a vanity piece. Apart from the luxurious black aesthetic appeal, the perfume has a fresh feel to it as it contains water-mint and basil essence.

Besides, the mandarin and ginger also give a zesty scent which makes the cologne suitable for morning wear. It is overall fruity and fresh, which is why it can be the best smelling Kenneth Cole cologne. Even though the bottle looks small, it contains 3.4 ounces of product. You can come up with another idea for a more unique kind of cologne – Angel Colognes version for men.

Kenneth Cole Mankind



The crystal clear bottle oozes elegance and class. With a hint of black, the cap of the bottle completes the designer piece. It is small and can be packed easily. However, be careful as the container is made of glass.

This is a bold cologne, and it inspires men to define themselves. The Kenneth Cole cologne mankind has a woody and earthy scent to it which radiates a crisp ambiance. The perfect blend of cardamom, tarragon leaf, cedar oakmoss, and sandalwood create the woody smell.

Accordingly, it also has hints of pineapple and ginger for the aromatic aftertaste. If someone is looking for a leisurely evening perfume, this is the Kenneth Cole cologne for him.

Kenneth Cole Reaction



This bottle contains 3.4 fluid ounce of energetic scent that almost feels like a rush of electricity when first applied. It slowly fades into other notes such as juicy lime and crisp apple. The blend of watermelon, patchouli, and muguet gives the perfume amazing freshness and energy.

However, the warm notes of musk and sandalwood balance the fruity essence. On the other hand, the packaging of this perfume is gorgeous as it comes in a velvety white box and clear glass bottle. The brand name is engraved on the box in stunning silver. Among the Kenneth Cole cologne reviews, this is easily one of the best.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Connected



The Connected also has the Kenneth Cole cologne signature freshness and zesty vibe as it has hints of mandarin, persimmon, and a red apple. This is an on the go perfume, which is why the notes are very fruity. Other subdued notes also include Amalfi lemon, sage, and resin.

Similarly, the bottle is unique as it looks like a water bottle and even has a functional hook.

Kenneth Cole Eau de Toilette Spray



This is the perfect Kenneth Cole for him as it has a modern approach to the masculine perfumes. It perfectly matches musky notes such as sea salt and white amber with the crispness of ginger and citrus. This fusion gives the perfume with both lightness and depth.

The bottle has a mysterious black shade which ties in with the smell. With this perfume, you will have a note to complement all your different traits.


The best Kenneth Cole cologne combines the best of both worlds and makes gorgeous blends that can be worn throughout the day. Also if you are thinking of using a cologne that is expensive and luxurious, check out creed aventus cologne

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