Top 5 best Prada cologne For Men

Most men are clueless when it comes to fragrances. In fact, experts claim that about only 20% of men use fragrances.

However, this could soon change as more men have started using them. It is not easy finding a signature scent. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the best scent.

Fortunately, Prada got you covered. They have a wide range of scents. Here are the top 5 best Prada colognes that you have to try.

A Quick Comparison



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Top 5 best Prada cologne For Men 1

Prada Luna Rossa 

• Size: 3.4 Ounces
• Price: $25

Based on 2530 reviews

Top 5 best Prada cologne For Men 2

Prada Luna Rossa Sport

• Size: 3.4 Ounces
• Price of $60

Based on 1795 reviews

Top 5 best Prada cologne For Men 3

Prada L’Homme

Size: 3.4 oz
Price: $61

Based on 1198 reviews

Top 5 best Prada cologne For Men 4

Pour Homme Cologne

Size: 3.4 oz
Price: $56

Based on 274 reviews

Top 5 best Prada cologne For Men 5

Prada Intense 

Size: 3.4 oz
Price: $67

Based on 2263 reviews

Best Affordable: Prada Luna Rossa


This one was released in 2012 and was created by Daniela Roche Andrier. Competitive racing is the inspiration behind this product.

In fact, the bottle is reminiscent of a sailboat. It is an interesting scent that combines classic fragrances in a more modern way.

Top notes

Heart notes

Base notes

Lavender and Orange

Clary sage and Spearmint

Ambroxan and Ambrette

It opens with a citrusy top note consisting of bitter orange and lavender. These notes die down to expose a refreshing heart note made up of mint and sage.

Finally, the base notes are Ambroxan and Ambrette. These notes leave the fragrance with its earthy and musky scent. The notes of mint and orange present a sweet and crisp scent. On the other hand, the notes of ambrette and lavender give it a herbal undertone.

In general, it is an aromatic scent that is great for any occasion and suitable for office wear.

Best Overall: Prada Luna Rossa Sport


Next up, Luna Rossa sport came out in 2015 and was also produced by Daniela Andrier. It takes a lot of inspiration from Luna Rossa.

However, this has a more sporty scent that is perfect for the modern man. Just like Luna Rossa, its bottle is also reminiscent of a competitive sailing boat. The design only differs with a more sporty color scheme.

This is a simpler scent with its dominant accords being spicy and fresh. The top notes are ginger, juniper berry, and lavender. The heart notes are hay and amber. Finally, the base notes are vanilla, musk, and heliotrope. The top notes of ginger and lavender are the most dominant when you smell them.

However, you will also get a sweet and soapy undertone from the other notes. I recommend this scent for spring summer and fall. It is good daytime casual wear.

Best Quality: Prada L’Homme


This is yet another fragrance by the talented perfumer Daniela Andrier. It came out in 2016 and is often described as a sweet and clean fragrance for the confident man. The bottle has a very sleek design that is simple and sophisticated at the same time.

It begins with an interesting top note consisting of spicy pepper and citrusy neroli. This develops into a more powdery heart note made of geranium, amber, iris, and violet. These two notes are further deepened by a woodsy foundation. The base notes are cedar and patchouli.

Altogether these notes provide a harmonious blend that is elegant and alluring. Also, this scent can be worn all year round and is suitable for office or nighttime wear.

Best Splurge: Pour Homme


This is a more classic Prada scent that came out in 2004. The scent was created by Daniela Andrier. I would describe it as a classic gentleman’s fragrance.  it comes in a very classy bottle that is a rectangle in shape.

The top notes are mainly made up of amber notes with patchouli, vanilla, and tonka bean as undertones. The next layer is refreshing and sweet. The heart notes are made up of orange blossom, myrrh, and vetiver. Finally, the fragrance ends with a citrusy base note comprising of mandarin and cardamom. This base note provides the perfect transition from the heart note.

In general, this fragrance is clean, complex, and smooth. it can be worn as an everyday fragrance.

Most Versatile: Prada Intense


This is a limited edition scent that was produced in 2011. It is characterized as a bold scent that is alluring and inspires confidence. It comes in a black-matte bottle with white lettering. Just from the presentation, you can tell that this fragrance is meant for no-nonsense men.

It has an intriguing top note made up of mainly Bergamot. This top note is supported by a subtle heart note comprised of Myrrh and Vanilla. Finally the base notes of Patchouli, Amber provide the perfect masculine touch to the fragrance.

It is a scent that is easy to wear and can be worn all year round. Also, it is subtle enough to be used as office wear.

Final verdict

These are just some of the great fragrances available in the market. you can try a couple to find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

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