Top 4 Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men

In 1982, renowned fashion designer Jean-Paul founded his fashion house. He has made a name for himself for using unconventional models in his exhibitions.

Today, his company is a major player in the fashion world. In 1993, they produced their first fragrance. Since then, they have tons of iconic fragrances.

Below is what I consider the top 4 best Jean Paul Gaultier cologne of all time. I have used my personal experiences with the products to try and give you a quick summary of each.

A Quick Comparison



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Top 4 Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men 3

Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male

• Combines warm fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom, and warm scent
• Best for casual wear
• Apply your skin before leave your home
• Gender: Unisex
• Weight: 4.2 oz
• Price: $61

Based on 5,598 reviews

Top 4 Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men 4

Ultra Male By Jean Paul Gaultier

• Opens with the scents of lavender, black mint, bergamot and strong notes of pear

• Sweet and aromatic scents

• Gender: Men

• Weight: 4.2 oz

• Price: $149

Based on 1,838 reviews

Top 4 Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men 5

Jean-Paul Gaultier Parfum Le Male Essence De 

• Quality sprays for both men and women
• Versatile and long-lasting
• Classic Le Male fragrance
• Gender: Unisex
• Weight: 4.2 oz
• Price: $133

Based on 46 reviews

Top 4 Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men 6

Jpg Lm Eau Fraiche Superman

• Classified as a fresh and mysterious fragrance
• Gender: Men
• Weight: 4.2 oz
• Price: $98

Based on 406 reviews

Top 4 Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men 7

Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male


This iconic fragrance was launched in 1995. The nose behind it is the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. He is a renowned perfumer that has worked on great scents like Giorgio Armani’s Armani Mania.

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Just from this presentation, you can tell that you are dealing with something unique. The bottle is reminiscent of a man’s body. Also, the box is reminiscent of a can. This presentation represents the fashion forwardness that the company tries to emulate.

The fragrance begins with a top note consisting of Mint, Artemesia, Bergamot, and Cardamom. This offers a refreshing and revitalizing scent.

Next, the heart notes are Orange blossom, Lavender, Cinnamon, and Cumin. This provides for a great citrusy and spicy undertone that takes over when the top notes die down.

Lastly, the base notes are Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedar, and Tonka bean. This is the perfect foundation for this scent as it offers a masculine and woodsy finish. This is a great fragrance that I recommend saving for fall and winter.

Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier


Next is Ultra Male, another great fragrance that was produced in 2015. This one was also created by the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The bottle and box are similar to the original and still maintain the man’s body and can theme.

However, this one has a more modern color scheme with Ultra Male label in red.

The top notes are Bergamot, Pear, Black Mint, and lavender. This harmonious blend forms a beautiful yet masculine opening.

Next, the fragrance moves into a spicy middle note. The heart notes are a Black Aztec flower, Cinnamon, Cumin, and Clary sage. This gives the fragrance a more alluring and seductive scent.

Finally, the base is made up of Patchouli, Black Vanilla, Amber, and Cedarwood.  This offers the perfect woodsy and masculine finish. In general, this fragrance is a sweet and spicy fragrance that I recommend using at night. Also, the perfect weather for it is winter.

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Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male Essence De Parfum


This one is a reinvention of the popular Le Male. It came out in 2016. The brain behind the fragrance is the renowned perfumer Quentin Bisch.

He is the brain behind some iconic fragrances such as Wanted by Night by Azzaro. He did an awesome job with le male essence producing ascent that adds a touch of sophistication. The bottle on this one still features the signature of a male torso.

However, this bottle looks like it has been to the gym. It looks more modern and edgier.

The top notes are Citrus and Cardamom. The citrus brings a fresh citrusy smell. At the same time, the cardamom brings a subtle spicy aroma. This forms a harmonious blend that is alluring.

Next, the heart notes consist of masculine leather and floral lavender. These notes provide the top notes with the perfect undertone that helps enhance the alluring aspect.

Finally, the base notes are musk, costus, vanilla, coumarin, .and Amberwood. These give the fragrance a masculine and musky finish that is perfect for this sophisticated fragrance. I recommend saving it for fall and winter.

Jpg Lm Eau Fraiche Superman


This is yet another reproduction of the original. This time they paid homage to the DC Comics character Superman. The nose behind this one is Nathalie Gracia-Cetto.

She is a talented perfumer and has produced some well-received fragrances like Higher Energy by Christian Dior. The bottle of this fragrance features the same torso body with Superman punching through it. it is classified as a fresh and mysterious fragrance.

The top notes are made up of aldehydes, mint, and neroli. Mint is the first thing you smell in this fragrance. The aldehydes and neroli provide more of an undertone.

Next, the heart notes are sage, amber, and woody notes. These contribute to the mysterious and masculine aspects of the fragrance.

lastly, the base notes are vanilla, Tonka Beans, and sandalwood. These notes provide the fragrance with the perfect masculine finish. This is a more casual scent that I can recommend wearing every day.

Final verdict

It is easy to see why many people love this fragrance label. They are constantly improving their scents. I recommend getting one of these sprayers as soon as possible.

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