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Intellectual Property Rights

Groomingwise is the sole owner of every single resource, material, and content available on the website unless we state it otherwise. We allow third parties to connect links to the existing contents or text of the site only when they explicitly mention the source of origin. Please note that we strictly prohibit all types of partial or total modification or reproduction made to any existing resource or content of this site.

Your Content

Our Terms and Conditions state it clearly that any form of texts, recorded audio, images, video, or other original resources you choose to publish on Groomingwise would be known as Your Content. With that action, you bestow us with a globally irrevocable and non-exclusive license to view, use, reproduce, translate, publish, distribute, and outsource among other media of our choice.

Your Content must be exclusively owned by youmeaning, it can not violate the copyright of any third-party. Groomingwise reserves the right to omit, change or alter your text, or resource at any moment without prior notice.

Termination on Usage

Groomingwise reserves the sole right to stop or terminate a user’s visit and use of the site at any time if we consider it necessary due to the user’s suspicious activity or violation of the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy of the site.

About Links to Third-Parties

Groomingwise has the ownership of multiple links directed to a range of other websites and online portals that are indirectly or directly associated with us despite the fact that we do not enjoy authority over any of their content. When it comes to independent third-parties, we also don’t have any regulation or control over their actions. That means we cannot be held responsible for their violation of policies, laws, or any misconduct.

Changes in Terms of Service

Groomingwise can make changes to this Terms of Service at any time if it thinks it is necessary and it has the right to do so. This implies that your use and visit of the site after an update to the existing Terms of Service will automatically be regarded as your approval to the changes we’ve made to the Terms of Conditions.

Every regular user or visitor of this site is expected to pay a visit to this page frequently so that they can keep themselves posted about the updates brought to the Terms of Service. If any new clause or update does not suit the user, we recommend that person to immediately stop using Groomingwise.

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