Cookie Policy

Last Updated: September 03, 2021

This Cookie Policy elaborates on how, the users of the site, and its partner websites make use of the cookies, and what are the choices a user of the site can make to have full control over them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small text files sent and stored in your web browser by the sites you visit. These are saved on your computer or cellphone devices. Websites use cookies to remember the activities of a user on a specific site with a view to creating a better and customized user experience for the next time the user visits the site.

How We Use Cookies

We have specific reasons to use cookies, which include shaping a personalized and customized browsing experience for the user and the 3rd party ad display presentations. The major point of the cookies is to create a personalized experience for users on the site so they can enjoy a smooth and intuitive site experience without confronting hitches or difficulty.

Cookies Generated by Partner Sites

Groomingwise maintains affiliations with multiple third-party services and applications with a view to upgrading the website’s user experience. Our partner sites may also send customized cookies to your computer or mobile device for improved user experience.

We do not have control or regulate the practices and actions done by these third-party sites and we do not have control over the manner in which they regulate the information collected by their cookies or how their cookies are maintained.

Your Control on Cookies

We give you adequate options regarding accepting or refusing our cookies policy. If you want, you can certainly bar them from getting installed on your computer or mobile browsers. Upon your imposed restriction on cookies, you might miss out on specific features and be deprived of the personalized user experience offered by our site upon the installation of the cookies.