Parfums de Marly Layton: The Uniqueness of Normality

I think I found a good way to describe what does Parfums de Marly Layton smell like. This is one of the most hyped niche fragrances, so it is quite hard for anyone to get a sense of what to expect before buying it. Most people love it the first spray, but there is a good part of fragrance lovers who think it is just ok, or that hate it. Let’s see why.

Starting with the opening

If you ever read anything about Layton, I bet that you read or heard about the opening. Here is why: there is nothing much after that. But, let’s start with the opening and let’s proceed in order.

The opening has the green apple juice and the lavender. Then, a mandarin note appears. This one is almost like the mandarin of Allure Homme Sport by Chanel. The whole mix reminds me of a fruit salad made in a pulp. Most of the juice is green apple juice and stings quite pleasantly. The lavender is fresh and rounds it all up.


Overall, it is a fresh spicy blast the soothe into a sweeter aroma. Click here to read every detail of this fragrance in the Parfums de Marly Layton review.

One of the goals of Layton seems to be not overdoing anything that could destroy the accord. As the opening fades away, it evolves into an exquisite scent. But it is not the most original fragrance you will ever sniff around.

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So why the hype?

Parfums de Marly choose a smart blend for both men and women who want a scent for everyday wearing. This mix will gladly fit any occasion as it won’t remind anything in particular. This scent is quite addicting as it is somewhat refined enough not to be unique.

If you like the initial blast of energy that comes with the first whiff, then Layton will give you around four hours of good projection that others will notice. They won’t be able to pick anything in particular. And that is why it will work. Your scent will become a sort of new pleasant routine that others will miss going away.

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