The Best Perfume Amouage Bracken Man Review

Bracken man is the most popular perfume that was produced and released by Amouage back in 2016. It has a truly masculine fragrance that I have ever come across. The fragrance is so nice and unapologetic, and you can smell it anytime, even before you walk into the room. This then brings about look at Amouage bracken man review at personal leave and also to those who have used it

Specifications of the products and brand

When I discovered this perfume, I was attracted to its pleasantly designed bottle. It had an interesting fragrance that wasn’t too much. It has fern that brings out that scent of the green herbal fragrance.



This fragrance is so real and about that wow experience whenever used. This as one of my discoveries in perfumes. It has a pleasant soft clove with cinnamon and sillage floral scent; I would call this as the fragrance green because of the presence of fern. That’s the bracken man.

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It has a perfect masculine scent with great presentation longevity and sillage. Amouage’s Bracken man is also similar to brands that other offers journey and especially fate. The major difference is that Bracken has a green, very earthy fragrance. This mainly due to the presence of clove, cypress, and patchouli as the base.

The base of light musk and patchouli is also present all through, but it is noticed to begin to stand out just about four hours thereafter. This makes fragrance became a masterpiece that doesn’t compromise masculinity that is noticeable all day long.

Product Benefits

The presence of Cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove are used as sweeteners that bring about the spicy fragrance and are not used to induce sneezing. This process is used in perfume industries since it away used to harmonize these ingredients and bring about a natural and unique smell that is worth to sniff.

Best Benefit

Any time I open it, a soapy fragrance comes out that brings about holiday memories and sometimes some therapeutic fragrance. The cool green notes, when mixed with nutmeg and clove, give a holiday feeling. My girlfriend once told me I smell like a pine cone. What a great feeling!

Who Needs It Most?

Bracken man targets mature men who like the clean green barbershop fragrances; the scent is present for 6 to 8 hours. The presence of fern herb makes it fit perfectly and the fragrance comes out as evergreen. This brings out some touch, some inspiration that makes you going out in a forest to get that natural breeze again. You can see the Amouage Sunshine Man perfum, it’s a lot like that.

Positive Sides of the Product

It has a pleasant fragrance with the sillage noticed very well. I use just a single spray in the morning, and that makes me feel good all day long. It can be used all around the year except maybe in summer, whereby citric fragrance is much recommended.

Nevertheless, it’s not conspicuous.

Negative Sides of the Product

Bracken man fragrance is so much traditional as it contains lavender, bergamot, and coumarin. To all whom some need a unique scent; it may not be the most appropriate. It’s too herbal.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

It’s very strong and can spread over five feet, and it may stay behind everywhere. The bergamot, cypress, clove lemon, nutmeg, and patchouli power make the best and noticeable fragrances that can be used for a lifetime. The middle notes of cedarwood and Cinnamon are released out slowly over a few hours and settle in so wonderfully.

Overall I can give it a 4 star. It has a nice natural fragrance that so green and linear, and it is most suited to anyone who likes green fragrances. This is a gem. I can highly recommend this as it a powerhouse of different fragrance lovers and it good for anyone who wants that masculine’s in from the perfume.

How to Use it properly?

It has a cool worm theme that is produced by spicing up some balance aligned with the same ingredients. That makes it the best choice to be used in winter whenever I have some trouble getting out. Its sillage scent is outgoing and smooth, with the hair and some trimmed fingernails, gives out that masculine feeling.

Final Verdict

The price is worth the longevity and the performance you will get as just a little spray will take you whole day hence having 100mls can last for several months as it’s used occasionally maybe once in a week.

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