22 Simple Grooming Tips For Men On The Basis of Women Opinions

Written by Austin August

Much like women, men also need to groom to look good to themselves and to others. But it’s shocking how most men don’t know where to begin. That is why we have listed some grooming tips that women want men to know!

Grooming tips for men

Please cut your fingernails:

Please cut your fingernails at least once or twice a week. Try to keep them at a size where dirt can not accumulate easily.

Keep your toenails in shape:

You will see a lot of men with disgusting toenails and it’s not attractive. Just for the sake of your appearance and wellbeing, take care of your toenails.

Never shave off chest hair:


There’s a reason people say, “Never trust a man without any chest hair.” Chest hair in a man is nothing but a signal of masculinity and women find it attractive. Not only that, if you shave it you’ll notice that your chest will get more itchy and uncomfortable.

Tame your hair down there:

Although chest hair is highly attractive, hair in the package region is not. That doesn’t mean you should be shaving it off. Don’t do that, but do try to trim it to a reasonable size.

Dental hygiene is crucial:

There is nothing attractive about someone with bad breath. So remember to brush as well as floss daily. Keep a mouth spray with yourself too. 

Invest in laser for shoulder hair:


If you have annoying and gnarly back or shoulder hair, then you might consider laser as a permanent solution. If you were waxing it till now, then this would definitely save you some money.

Stubble is uncomfortable:

If you have learned anything till now, it is that shaving would mean stubble and that is not recommended for anywhere other than your face. The stubble on any body part other than the face is a major turn off for women.

But keep the stubble on your face:

Unlike stubble somewhere else, women actually adore stubble on your face. That is truly the only place where stubble is acceptable and in fact recommended.

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Don’t overdo the hairstyles:

Look, if you love styling your hair in a certain way, it’s fine. But don’t use so much hair gel that makes it feel uncomfortable to touch. Women love running their fingers through your hair. Do something with your hair that you like and that feels nice when touched.

Embrace grey hair:

Women love the idea of you growing old with them. If anything, it takes off the pressure of looking young and perfect. So if your hair is turning grey, leave it.

Don’t try to make your hands softer:

If your hands are already soft, then this does not apply to you. But if you are someone who is purposely trying to make their hands soft because “you heard someone say women like it that way,” please stop. We do not like it that way.

Overdoing the eyebrows is a huge turn off:


Do not put too much effort on your eyebrows. You may see a lot of videos online about men waxing their eyebrows into shape and whatnot but people are really starting to embrace a more natural look. So really if you are still overdoing it with your eyebrows then know it will be a turn-off for most women.

A high maintenance look is never a good look:

 A recent trend is cutting your facial hair into a thin line of hair from your sideburn to your beard. There are also so many new ways people are trimming their beards.

While most think it attracts women, they really want a more natural look and something that does not seem too high maintenance.

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Trending haircuts aren’t always great:

The kind of haircut where the sides are shaved and there is only hair on the top of your head is not attractive to women. If you’re getting these haircuts just because you think women like it, well, they don’t. So consider yourself informed.

Keep your nether regions super clean:

We have talked about taming the hair in your nether region. But it is just as important that you keep it clean – the front and the back. It should not take you extra work. Just remember to clean down there with soap regularly.

Get rid of dandruff:


If you have a major issue of dandruff; it is time you go to the doctor for a fix. Usually a doctor prescribed shampoo works much better than the regular drugstore ones. And they can tell you which one to get based on what suits your hair. But if you can not go or need a fix for now, try out Selsun Blue. 

Let the hair on your legs grow:

 Never, I repeat, NEVER shave the hair on your legs. I am not sure why a man would ever feel the need to shave it. But there is really no reason to shave off your leg hair. The hair on a man makes them look masculine. So unless you are in competitive swimming or something like that, let your leg hair grow in peace.

Exfoliate to fix the bumps on your arms:

You may have noticed some bumps at the end of your arms. Well this is actually keratosis pilaris called and it will not go away with Beta Carotene. Instead, try to take Vitamin A supplements for this after consulting a doctor. You can also try exfoliating to get rid of all the dead cells.

Don’t go all in with the cologne:


We do not want to smell your cologne from the other end of the room if anything women love the natural smell your body has. Yes, do wear deodorant or cologne you are comfortable with.

Tone down the Euro-styled BO:

A Euro-style BO is honestly too much. It is not exactly necessary and is not even that great. But if you like then at least try to keep it under control.

Pick the right deodorant:

You should be doing this even if you do not want to groom yourself. Pick a deodorant that is right for you. If your deodorant is giving you an underarm rash or something that is pretty much making your underarms skin peel off, then you need to switch. Either move on to a natural deodorant or do not use one for a while.

However, and this one is a grooming tip, use a clear or a deodorant instead of the white kind that will stick to your underarm hair.

Lastly, never shy away from your emotions:

This is not exactly a grooming tip, but do not feel shy to show your feelings. Smile every day. Laugh your heart out. Do things that make you happy. Maybe get a hobby. Go to karaoke. Express gratitude towards your friends and family be loving in your special way. Be yourself – not who you want everyone to think you are, but the real you.

It might seem time-consuming, but we all need to take time to pamper ourselves.We hope you find these grooming tips helpful and will try them out yourself!

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