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How to Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush in 4 Easy Steps?

Written by Clara Lucas

Women can now manage their hair better after washing it, thanks to the Revlon hair dryer brush. We personally use Revlon hot air brush and can attest to the fact that it really works. As the name suggests, the tool can comb and dry your hair at once. We have found that the Revlon hair dryer makes a perfect substitute for a typical hair dryer.

With a conventional dryer, you have to hold a dryer in one hand, and a comb in the other. We find the combination more cumbersome and tiring. We therefore appreciate the new Revlon hair dryer brush combo. When it comes to the use of the gadget, we have noted that the comb can trap a lot of hair strands. Moreover, the entire gadget gets dirty quickly and requires regular cleaning. So it is vital to know how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush after buying it. This guide is all about cleaning Revlon hot air brush . We will provide the necessary steps below.

Necessary Items to Have

We would first ask you to gather the things you would require to clean your hair dryer brush. These include the following:

  • A Pair of Scissors: We know that you can use your fingers to remove some hair strands. But, if you want to easily remove tangled hair strands in the brush, you can snip them with scissors.
  • A Toothbrush You No Longer Use: We love using an old toothbrush to sweep the spaces between the bristles clean. We recommend getting one for this task.
  • A Detergent in a Spray Bottle: We believe water is vital for the cleaning process, but it is not the only thing. You also require a detergent or soap to make your dryer brush tool super clean.
  • A Piece of Cloth: After rinsing your hair tool properly, the next step is wiping it. You need a piece of cloth for that task. Any traces of water in the brush can ruin its inner components.
  • Water: It is obvious that water is a vital thing to have for this process.

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Steps For Cleaning

Now when it comes to the actual cleaning process, here are the steps you should follow. Remove Tangled Strands Among Bristles

This is a simple task you can perform with a pair of scissors. Cut the tight hair mess and remove the pieces with your hands. 

Remove Dirt With Water, Detergent, And Toothbrush

When you remove all hair strands, this might leave behind greasy dirt. We have noted that the sticky dirt can be hard to remove. Hence, mix water and detergent in a spray bottle. Then, splash some on the brush and leave it for twenty minutes.

Finally, scrub the hair dryer brush with the old toothbrush. Do not stop until all the filth is over. Under no circumstance should you dip your tool in water? It has a motor that should not get moist.

Rinse The Hair Dryer Brush with Clean Water

After removing the grime, rinse your brush with clean water. Rinse the top area only while leaving electronic parts alone. These are in the middle where the motor rests. For the bottom area, wet a sponge and wipe it well.

Dry The Hair Dryer Comb

Your Revlon will be sparkling clean at this point. Next, wipe the entire equipment with a dry piece of cloth. Turn on the machine so the gush of air can take out every drop of water.

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Is It Necessary to Clean the Dryer Brush Gadget Often?

If you want to use your hair tool regularly, it will get dirty fast. Therefore you should clean it regularly to maximize its performance. Perhaps you can delay cleaning by removing stuck hair strands after every use. Never use a dirty hot air brush on your hair as it can damage it.


If you own Revlon’sOne-Step Hot Air Brush with Dryer and Volumizer, now you know how to wash it. Every other Revlon hot air brush is easy to clean using the same steps we have listed above. Once you clean it properly, it will always dry, style, and boost your hair volume.  Again, it will last longer while making your hair styling work easier.

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