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Is The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush Worth It?

Written by Clara Lucas

Growing hair is more complicated when you do not have functional styling tools. For someone tired of their hair, we want to recommend the Revlon hair dryer brush. We have had our pleasant experiences using several Revlon hot hair brushes. 

We can confidently say that they are worth every penny; we are talking from experience. Not only do we love the hairdryer brush design. We also find it convenient because any person, no matter their hair type, can use it. It is a versatile two-in-one tool that offers a dryer and comb.

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush Design

Revlon’s hot air brushes consist of the top, middle, and bottom components. They also have a round shape overall. The top consists of a large barrel-shaped brush with plastic and nylon bristles. These are perfect for griping and detangling hair. The head also has small vents that remove hot air to help dry and style the hair. 

For the fastest drying time, the machine uses ionic technology. The middle part is where you should grip and it contains the motor. The bottom part has an electrical cord that you should plug into a socket. 

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Reasons Why Revlon Hair Dryer Brush Is Worth It

It Is Suitable for Novices and Professional Hairstylists

When we found Revlon’s One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, we worried about the ease of use. To our surprise, it was idiot-proof and fun to use. That is why we would advise a novice or a professional hairstylist to use it. Even if your hair is thin and straight and has no volume, you can use the One-Step tool to style it.

 It will require getting used to, so using it a few times is all you need as a novice user. If your hair is long, thick, and wavy, you might need more skill to use Revlon’s hot hair brushes. However, if you are a professional stylist, it can half your styling time. Also, getting familiar with the temperature settings can enable you to switch between settings.

Can Maintain Natural Curls

People with thick, curly hair have their share of challenges. Luckily, they can confront these challenges with the Revlon hair dryer brush. It has the most reliable hair-blowing technology. No longer will your thick curls need double effort to brush and style. Simply partition it and blow-dry each section at a time. The tool does not get too hot even as it gets to the root of each hair strand. 

Achieve Different Hairstyles with One Tool

When using the traditional hairdryer and comb method, you have to depend on other styling accessories. Still, these cannot give your hair the volume and bounce it deserves. We have come to love the versatility of our One-Step hot airbrush from Revlon.

It can dry, straighten, style, and add volume to hair. Additionally, it can achieve so much within a couple of minutes. If you have straight and thin hair, you might need this tool’s volumizer.  

It Is an Affordable Tool 

Revlon’s hair dryer brushes are so affordable. Priced below one hundred dollars, we have to admit that this dryer-brush combo is among the cheapest we have found. Amazingly, the gadget is affordable and convenient at the same time.

It has excellent features that help it perform better than similar products from other brands. Besides, the gadget is available in five different colors. So you can choose the color that suits your preferences best. 


It is not hype; Revlon round hair air brushes work properly. The main thing to do is to select the product that suits your hair type. Once you do, you will enjoy using Revlon hair dryer brush every day.

Getting ready for work will be easier and quicker. Also, the tool will let you clean your hair anytime you want. If you want value for your money, we highly recommend getting a Revlon round hairbrush today. 

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