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How to Use the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush: Everything you should know

Written by Clara Lucas

Revlon has done well to provide modern hairdryer brushes. After testing most of them, we are happy with the results. Most Revlon hot airbrushes can do more than drying and styling your hair. When using the One-Step Hair Dryer with Volumizer, we can add volume to our tresses. 

For straight hair results, we can use the Revlon 2nd Day Hot Hair Straightening Brush.

There is a brush for every outcome we want to achieve. Moreover, we can achieve perfect results in less than ten minutes. We cannot compare Revlon’s speedy tools to any other hair styling gadget we have bought before. Now, in this article, we will describe how to use the Revlon hair dryer brush. 

When You Have Any Hair Type

What type of hair do you have? Whether your hair is soft, thick, frizzy, coarse, or thin, Revlon has one brush that does it all. It is a Revlon One-Step hair dryer product. Besides being the most versatile gadget, it is the easiest to use. Regardless of hair texture or length, we have found that it works well. So, to dry and comb any hair type with it, do the following steps. 

  • Partition your hair and clean it with your favorite products
  • Before you can use the One-Step hot air comb, let your hair air dry. Some users prefer to wash their long hair before sleeping at night. Then, they let it air dry the entire night. By the morning, their hair is usually seventy percent dry. We have tried this tip and we love it.
  • Section your hair once again. Our favorite tip is to divide it into the top and bottom sections. You can add two more sections if you so, please. 
  • Add a heat protectant product to each section. 
  • Access the temperature settings buttons. Push the Warm button. Start styling the bottom section by taking a small portion of strands. Comb them from the root to the tip of the strands. Curl the tool inward each time. 
  • Now when you finish, switch to the “Hot” setting for less than five seconds. Alter it again to the “Cool” setting for ten seconds and finish.
  • Once you finish the bottom, start the top section and follow the same steps.
  • Style and add volume to your hair.

When Your Hair Is Short

Based on our experience with Revlon products, we have found a great item for short-haired women. It is none other than the Revlon One-Step Ionic. If you have frizzed short hair, this tool is perfect. To dry and style short hair with it, these are easy steps to follow. 

  • Clean your short hair as you always do
  • Dry it with a towel to remove water if you are in a hurry. If not, you can let the hair air-dry.
  • Use a comb or brush to remove knots and tangles. 
  • Turn the Ionic Hairdryer brush to the High setting (II) if you have thick or coarse short hair. If your hair is soft, use the Low setting. 
  • Blow-dry your hair in sections. Lift the strands from the root while wrapping them around the barrel. 
  • It is essential to brush any portion of your briefly to avoid damage. If your hair is already weak, apply a heat protectant before brushing. 
  • Add volume at the roots while curling the ends. 

When Your Hair Is Thick

Thick natural hair is hard to style until you get a Revlon hot airbrush. Whether you have Type 4B or 4C, this equipment is the best for you. Our customers have minimized braiding their hair or wearing wigs, thanks to this tool. Here is a summary of steps:

  • Wash and condition your hair. We also feel that the deep-conditioning step is necessary when dealing with thick hair
  • Part your hair into sections and tie each of them up using a hair clip. 
  • Spray each section with a heat protectant to keep your hair from heat damage
  • If you are not in a hurry, use the Low setting for most of your hair.
  • Take a small portion of hair and brush it from the root to the top. You might have to find a way to add tension to detangle and blow your curls easily.
  • Straighten hair severely until you are happy with the outcome.


As you may have noted by now, it is easy to find the right Revlon hair dryer brush for the type of hair you have. We have included simple steps to help you dry, straighten, and style your hair as you prefer. Now it is up to you to buy the best hot air comb if you have not, and start having fun.

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