Best Cologne Spray Creed Green Irish Tweed Review

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Olivier Creed almost discovered a blend that would have been essential in the perfume industry.

This Creed Green Irish Tweed review will take you back to 1985 when the sixth descendant of the great lineage of Creed perfumers was about to launch a scent that most men still love today.

Searching for the accord on a different path

If you know Creed because you own Aventus, you may wonder about previous creations like Green Irish Tweed.

This review will continue on the premise that the reader knows a little bit of more traditional fragrances. If that is not the case, I highly suggest starting by reading this Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed cologne comparison.

It will help you to understand the following information from a more contemporary point of view.


Before Aventus was even a thought in the mind of Oliver, the perfume industry was going through the motions.

Everyone was trying to find some revolutionary ideas that would capture the audience and make history. Green Irish Tweed is the answer to that particular need during a time of more of the same accords.

Oliver maintained the traditional Creed style of daytime and citrusy opening, yet he did its best to give it a spin. The real genius transpires at the center of the formula.

Five main olfactory notes. Two as top notes, and two at the base, balancing gracefully on a stable yet delicate pivot point. This mirror-like quality holds the secret of the essential part played by high-quality ingredients.

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The olfactory pyramid of Green Irish Tweed

Iris and lemon verbena give the mix its traditional appearance. The lemony aroma blends with the floral scent of the iris. If the concentration of the two ingredients had not been accurate, this association would create a less pleasant contrast.

Balancing these two scents so that the green and flowery aromas hit your nose first is a great hallmark. No one had previously managed to do it with these two notes.

Perfumers would usually add iris in a more predominant concentration as a heart or base note. Yet Oliver found a way to blend it with the lemon verbena in the right proportions.

Violet leaves establish the heart. They support the green and flowery essence flawlessly. This ingredient alone helps the fragrance to evolve in a balanced way.

It also enhances a more elegant vibe without turning the mix into a typical feminine formula, as it is a more delicate and refined scent.

Sandalwood gives the juice a more masculine identity. Ambergris rounds it all and extends the odor life of the previous elements.

As the sandalwood adds nuances of more mature men qualities, the ambergris wraps everything in an alluring mantle. The ambergris alone is responsible for the moderate sillage of this fragrance. Without it, this nice formula would last a mere fraction of its actual longevity.

You just found the perfect gift idea for men

Green Irish Tweed energizes, calms down, and invigorates men. Very few people dislike this fragrance. You can do a quick test by using a whiff of Davidoff Cool Water to avoid any mistake.

Even though these scents are not the same, almost every man who dislikes Green Irish Tweed thinks they are somehow the same. There are many reasons why that is, but to keep it short, if he does not tolerate Cool Water, then he could be one of the very few who would not like the Creed perfume.

I found out that virtually any man loves it. What this Creed Green Irish Tweed review can’t do for you is to help you see how glad they are when they receive it. If the receiver does not hate perfumes, he will forever bless the day he received this Creed bottle.

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