Is creed perfume worth it? (Wait till You Read This)

Is creed perfume worth it
Written by Lucas M. Hall

Creed is undeniably one of the most popular fragrance brands out there, but their products are notorious for having an extravagant price tag. For instance, their most expensive bottle is priced at over $1700, which may sound a bit insane. So, it’s not uncommon to come across questions being asked about the worth or value of their products.

So, is creed perfume worth it?

Overall, we believe this is subjective and depends on individual taste and how much you’re willing to spend. That said, there are a few factors that can help you determine which stance to take, so you can be more objective with your decision.

Let’s look at each one of them.


Creed perfumes do not have a traditional composition. Instead, they are made of very rare ingredients that are sourced naturally. Not one single item on the list is synthetic. Also, most of the ingredients are not readily available.

This probably explains why they are so expensive. But it also means you will be wearing a perfume that is “exclusive,” which may be something worth paying for.

If you want something very different from the traditional perfume buildup, something uniquely distinct, then a creed perfume is what you should go for. Again, you will be paying more money for it, but you will also be wearing the best handmade perfume.


There is something about the name “Creed”; it connotes quality, luxury, and of course, expensiveness. You’ve probably heard it said that the best things in life are often expensive. Well, now you know. Wearing a creed perfume will not only give you a good feeling but also bolster your social status. And when someone asks you, you will not hesitate to tell them you are wearing creed.

Having said that, creed is not just expensive because of its brand name. Like we mentioned earlier, the natural composition and the refined process used in making the perfume are the main contributors to the high price tag.

Overall, if you are willing to pay extra for a good-name perfume that will make you smell different, then creed can be a perfect match.


Creed perfumes don’t only have a nice scent; they also last considerably longer than most other perfumes. We would have been surprised if it was any different given their huge price tag.

So, if longevity is your main reason for choosing a fragrance, then you won’t go wrong with a creed bottle. It is the type of perfume that will linger with you throughout the day.

However, if you don’t care much about longevity and don’t mind purchasing a perfume, you may need to reapply a couple of times, then you can go for a cheaper alternative. They are definitely other great-smelling perfumes that only cost a fraction of creed.

To wrap it up

So, is creed perfume worth it? Well, it depends!

If you prioritize exclusivity and want a perfume that will make you stand out from the crowd, then creed can be a perfect match. The quality is unmatched, and the fragrance is top-notch. Despite the different stances people take on the price, we think a creed bottle is worth it if it’s something you can afford!

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