Quick Review of Gris Montaigne Parfum For Men and Women

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Gris Dior is the most popular perfume produced by Dior Christian used by both men and women. It was designed and released in 2013; Gris Montaigne has a floral fragrance specifically produce for women.

Gris Montaigne is a new perfume and is a romantic accolade by Dior’s designers. Christian Dior has various perfumes and we shall look at Gris Montaigne review at a personal level and as those used by others.


It is mixed with different woods and patchouli. One may not notice since that the fragrance of rose comes first. The musty, earthy, and patchouli make it as mild and smooth as possible. The sandalwood and Cedarwood give it an exotic twist.

The Gris Montaigne can best be described by imagining the patchouli, rose, and wood whereby all fragrances are soft and enticing. 

Quick Review of Gris Montaigne Parfum For Men and Women 1


It has classic fresh, unique fragrances. It possesses, fleshy the complex, thick, texture that is associated with a certain genre.  

This combines makes it my favorite and can use in the showroom and at home. The Dior Gris Montaigne experience is very much like that of a grey-encased rose. A fragrance that everyone may fall in love with.


Dior Gris Montaigne has powdery, sharp, floral fragrances. Since I have used it for a long time, I can detect it from afar .something with a floral scent is far beyond the rose fragrance, making it feels elegant and confident.


Sometimes it gives an impression of generalized common, fruity-floral, vague patchouli perfume. Even as jasmine is added to the perfume it doesn’t transform this fragrance or giving it a finer distinction.

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The combines a variety of ingredients that comes out so harmonious and give an elegant fragrance. That is warm and smooth; the only note that can be noticed individually is the rose.  

It’s not that so soft, but the spicy and mossy engulfs the atmosphere. Thus may smell a bit like scotch. It lasts long and very safe to use.

This is the best perfume that I have used. It lasts for the whole day after use since its fragrance is authentic and natural.

When I use it, I usually get that rose and menthol fragrance. The scent is classy and unique but as time goes on it changes like those.

It has a remarkable radiance, and even if I wear it like I, it lasts long and not as one who has used several perfumes. It stands out above any other fragrances, and it’s not advisable to mix it with other fragrances as when it is used alone it beats the rest.

Who Needs It Most?

If you are wondering about what to use, Gris is the way to go as it will never fail you, and later on, you will get to love it more.

Whenever you have great expectations for any perfume and Gris Montaigne perfume, give you the best.

Since it was released it has come out to give that awesome, confident feeling it has been tested and proven and gives you peace of mind.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews  

Definitely, Gris Montaigne is mainly used by females, but sure lots of men can comfortably use it.

Its powdery fragrance tends to be more selective to be used only by females.  It would be best used for women and gives it five stars for women’s fragrances.

For the first time, I used it, I tested it on paper and left between two pages, and after one year, the fragrance was still there. It’s so amazing that you can’t be experienced with other perfumes.

How to Use it properly?

Gris Montaigne has to be inoffensive and relied on, and that fragrance is similar to grape drink smell and vanilla

I’ve gotten so many compliments from people on the streets, and everywhere I go, they have told me that I smell great and also inquired what I am using.  

This perfume can be used anytime and anywhere since it’s it is soft and doesn’t affect anyone close especially in crowded areas.

Final Verdict

I can wear it more frequently in the cooler months and get that confidence that one can get of those cold rainy days Dior is the best.

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