Creed Aventus Vs Green Irish Tweed Cologne Comparison

Olivier Creed attempted success with Green Irish Tweed in 1985, but something went wrong. He created an innovative perfume, and it attracted a lot of excitement. The sales skyrocketed.


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Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus Vs Green Irish Tweed Cologne Comparison 2

Green Irish Tweed


• Combines some of the most classic smells
• Dominated by citrus and the sweetness of the pineapple
• Most distinct perfumes in the world

• Woody fresh classic fragrance
• Combines woody freshness and pure masculinity
• Perfectly tailored

Main Ingredients 

Ginger, Mandarin, Patchouli,Indian Sandalwood, Vetiver, Styrax, Birch, Baie rose, Tonka bean, Musk

Lemon, Verbena, Peppermint, Violet leaves, Sandalwood





1.7 fl oz

3.3 fl. oz


Based on 400 reviews

Based on 16 reviews







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However, only three years later, the arrival of Davidoff Cool Water dampened the interest of the public, directing it towards this new product at a more affordable price. Both perfume houses intuited the existence of a new structure, but Cool water got the better of it. This innovative feature exploits a citrus accord, to which it adds a fresh, more persistent, and more tenacious molecule than natural citrus fruits.

Since then, the number of “new freshness” fragrances has increased every year, relegating Green Irish Tweed to what has become the niche market. Today, we call these fragrances by the name of fougère.

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Olivier had to wait until 2010, and with the help of his son Erwin Creed, he conquered the audience back with Aventus. Aventus is a mature, classy blend. It won the attention of the public thanks to a highly expensive advertising campaign and a well-deserved word of mouth. Aventus alone broke the record of most of Olivier’s previous inventions, such as Millesime Imperial and Silver Mountain Water. You can learn more about the formula, the success, and the consequences that Creed Aventus generated by following this link.

However, when deciding which one is the best creation, history must not influence us. Today, we have so numerous alternatives that it is beneficial to differentiate the two formulations. Let’s see who wins the Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed confrontation.

Engaging Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed Style

The main difference lies in the top notes of the olfactory pyramid. Looking at the ingredients, we immediately notice the difference in objectives that the two perfumes want to achieve. Aventus aims at innovation in a sector without too many novelties since the 90s. Green Irish Tweed tried to introduce something new without wanting to dare too much. Some words that we can use to describe the style it wanted to evoke are determination, lively freshness, strength, persistence.

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Aventus has certainly followed on the same path but has found different competitors on the market. Thus, we have two sharply distinct fragrances. Aventus is a bit reckless and asserts itself with a persistent and pungent opening. Green Irish Tweed is more subtle. You can wear the latter with casual clothes, but its aroma recalls a luxurious environment, a formal style.

Final verdict

Although Green Irish Tweed sells better during the warm seasons, I think that it fits better on the chiller days of the hot seasons, when a whiff can reach you unexpectedly, and bring you joy. Aventus establishes itself as the best for hot days. In the summer, it is the winning choice.

I have always used Green Irish Tweed when I want a fragrance that makes me feel better, and Aventus when I want ladies and others to notice me.

We can identify the most significant difference in their personalities within the structure of the base notes. Green Irish Tweed remains a classic. Instead, people, who prefer elegant fragrances like the ones by Serge Lutens or Byredo, can dislike Aventus.

The base notes point towards different destinations: the first towards an ageless class, suitable for young and mature people. The second appeals to a young audience, who want to dare, who want to project a clean and ready for anything aura.

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