Creed Bois Du Portugal Review – Unique Cologne Spray

Written by Lucas M. Hall

It has an oriental woody fragrance that is used by men. it was designed and developed from scented tress from Portugal and was launched in 1987.

It has a rich and warm fragrance with opening notes of lavender bergamot and has a sophisticated base of sandalwood cedar and vetiver ambergris.

This article will look at Creed Bois Du Portugal Review at a personal level and as those that have used it.  They sell unique, genuine products. It is used as a masculine cologne.


When I use it, I get a warm, rich, and robust fragrance as Bois du Portugal captures the natural aroma from its composition that of wood. This brings about the masculine scent that’s so unique luxurious. The presence of lavender reminds me of Portuguese forests or cedar in India.

The best favorite fragrance is that of a Rat Pack that’s a sophisticated blend that known as being a smooth, refined classic scent.

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I love this fragrance a lot, and as the norm is, we should appreciate the good things in life, and this is one of them. When using it gives me the traditional scent of that timeless classic.

It is used on both business and formal occasions. This can be the best fragrance I can wear. It can also be useful when it’s used in cold weather seasons. The overall performance is outstanding, and Bois du Portugal fulfills your expectations.


Since it has that traditional fragrance, several people have stated that the scent is of that an old lady. Hence it not favorable for little girls.


When I open it, the fragrance is dominated by cedar, bergamot, and bright lavender. After half an hour, it fades away, and a gorgeous woody fragrance comes into play with some saltiness of ambergris, and the sweet lavender fragrance lingers around. Later on, it goes into a creamy sandalwood scent similar to that of chocolate last for the rest of the day.

Its fragrance notes include:


It has orange and citrus fragrances that may hint at its composition from the barks and branches of these trees. At the start, it has that with the feminine scent but as time goes on it changes to some serious and darker fragrance that is a mysterious masculine taste from the woods.

From the first time I tested it, I fell in love with it. It is so excellent and extraordinary, and I  asked myself why I hadn’t given a trial earlier on as I had tried another brand before. I am left with nostalgia and quite a pleasant experience.

Ever since I have been wearing it daily as it has been captivating.  I feel different every time I use it. I get different fragrances at different times of the day. It gives a fantastic consistent experience. To obtain such a skill, you have to dig much deeper from the pocket as it’s not cheap. It’s very enigmatic.

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Who Needs It Most?

Creed Bois du Portugal has remained a single most classic perfume with a mature male fragrance. It is appropriately used by barbershop to men that masculine fragrance scent that renders a traditional oriental fragrance. It has been used in the 70 and 90s.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Anytime I use it. I get that man fragrance that is very classic. It can be described as an older man’s fragrance.

I don’t mind or bother the fragrances as everybody knows where they are from. At any given time, I want to smell good all year round, and for any occasion, Bois du Portugal is here for you. I can give it four stars.

How to Use it properly?

Bois du Portugal is an old school classic fragrance; it is an excellent and the best fragrance in this class of the old school. It has exceptional longevity and silage. It best fits in unique, traditional fragrances. Anyone who wants old school nostalgia is the best and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Final Verdict

Anytime I use this fragrance, I have to spray my wrist, and I can’t stop sniffing it. The masculine fragrance is very pleasant and classic. Hence would appeal to individuals who like these perfect scents Bois du Portugal is the best.

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