Amouage Interlude Man Vs Jubilation: Which One Rules Over the Winter?

Written by Lucas M. Hall

As both fragrances represent an excellent choice for the colder seasons, this Amouage Interlude Man vs Jubilation for Men comparison will look into the differences that make one more appropriate than the other on particular occasions.

A quick tour of the scented DNAs

In a single word, Amouage Interlude Man is opulent. From start to finish, this fragrance is abundant without ever falling into the negativity of exaggeration. If you are not familiar with oriental perfumes, it may be difficult to appreciate them. Initially, this was undoubtedly true for me. I think it was the first oriental perfume I ever wore, and it took me a while to fully appreciate it.


The mixture of ingredients is impeccable. The quality is high. Going unnoticed is impossible. Of course, this is a fragrance that polarizes a lot of people. Smoky, balsamic, with a peculiar and very dry note of amber.

Jubilation XXV Man embodies the mystery. Amouage has created an ideal perfume for the enigmatic and sophisticated man. The blend offers a combination of chaste notes (like honey, frankincense, and rose) and seductive notes (like Patchouli, Musk, and Oud). The result is a fragrance that adapts itself to any age and lifestyle.


First, it is sweet. Then it becomes spicy. It makes you savor moments of peace, but then it drags you into a war between spicy and warm notes. Amid all this conflict, honey, myrrh, and cinnamon twirl in the air undisturbed. They create all kinds of ever-changing accords. The description of this fragrance takes longer, as much as you need to experience the full experience.

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The Choice

The choice between Amouage Interlude Man vs Jubilation is a matter of personal taste as well as a separate need in portraying the wearer.

Interlude comes across as atypical to audiences that might find it a little bit too chaotic. Neither of them might be unquestionably a crowd-pleaser, yet among the two of them, Interlude is for a man who makes himself the center of attention.

Jubilation XXV Man is essentially an elegant and oriental variant of the 1995 Opium Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Significant differences emerge from direct comparison, yet if you remember Opium Pour Homme, you could get an idea of the overall goal of its evolution as time goes by. Amouage has a particular approach to inspire that introversion that these types of scents create in the wearer.

You can wear both Amouage scents in the colder evenings. Jubilation performs great in the daytime also. After the initial half-hour, you can wear Interlude in social environments, but you might want to test the waters to see how others react to it. Normally, you won’t have problems. However, some people find it a too saturated smell.

Performance-wise, Interlude wins with better sillage and longevity. Jubilation XXV Man is amazing, but you could wait to add it to your collection if you have other Oud-based scents, as it is quite a noticeable note in this blend.

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