Why Being Attractive Is Important

Written by Austin August

In ancient Greece, Helen of Troy managed to unleash two realms against each other. A Trojan prince went to visit one of the nearby Greek kings during one of the numerous diplomatic visits between the two kingdoms.

The wife of the Greek king, the gorgeous and young Helen, was so beautiful that the Trojan prince seduced her. He took her away with her consent, regardless of the war that would break out.

Philosophers and thinkers attempted to explain why being attractive are important. Some traced everything back to the subconscious reasoning of proportions and symmetry. They called it the aesthetic canon. The idea is that humans like visual forms when these have specific characteristics.

Today, the internet shows us through Youtube and Social Media how people respond to people around us, so we can approach this topic from multiple perspectives.

Weaving it all together

Science has provided its answer to the question of why being attractive is important. Beauty serves for the evolution of the species.

In a way, the scientific explanation unites all the other ideas and weaves them into a more complex scheme. However, for each individual, being attractive could mean something different.

When we use perfume to smell good, we make at least two choices. The first concerns how much we like a particular fragrance.

The second regards how much other people will like that fragrance.

Afterward, we could ask ourselves many other things, for example, if it is the right day to wear it, if it is the appropriate time of day or if the occasion suits that particular scent. But it all starts from how much that perfume enhances ourselves.

A striking example of this is the Creed Aventus perfume. Aventus is a fragrance so famous that today many people do not love it as much as when it came out, but they still use it because they know it works. The choice of the correct scent follows precise reasoning, as described in the Creed Aventus review. Men like to obtain precise and consistent results.

We also can choose to wear precise, handcrafted or second-hand clothes. By doing several experiences, we form within us a mind map of the essential values for us and the things around us.

Only after wearing a high-quality garment, you can truly judge the clothes you have in the wardrobe.

Attraction teaches us the truth that we cannot obtain elsewhere. It separates what you think is correct from what is not.

You may believe that the people you see on TV are not charming, but the fact that they are there implies that someone likes them. Directors would not allow them to turn away the viewers.

So why being attractive is important today?

We live in a society that rewards appearance first and puts other contents in the background. You may find it a nasty thing to say, but you must remember that under the thin layer of respectability, that’s the omnipresent law of the jungle at work. Weak people succumb to the action of more powerful people.

Attractive people are exuberant. They want to emerge and take what fame has to offer. This personality demonstrates a force that will attract a reaction of equal intensity. Being attractive puts your beliefs to the test to let you find who you are. You use the best perfumes, you put on the best clothes, you want to impress people so they will react to your presence.

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It is about something that someone has, and others don’t. Being attractive is critical because it establishes uniqueness in a person. It differentiates that person from others because he/she becomes original.

Most people think about beauty and link it to the superficiality of safe arguments for the collective mind. They do not come to consider the importance of the matter:

the attraction is a transitory state of being. It does not depend on a simple roll of the genetic dice. You become attractive on a physical level thanks to the resources that you can use to get the better of the situation anyhow, anywhere.

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