Which Creed Cologne is The Best For You And Only You

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Starting with the overall champion, we are going to examine which Creed cologne is the best for any of your needs. Did you know that since 1781, Creed made a lot of perfumes and that one of the best has over 100 years?

Now that the brand sold its business to BlackRock, what better time to celebrate all the creations that the Creed family bestowed on us during all these years!

The winner is…

If you already know the Maison Creed, then you probably guessed right. The overall winner is Aventus. We may discuss which batch is the best (I would say the ones starting with 12 and 13), but there is no other perfume so desired and copied like Aventus. There is just no competition about it. This is The Scent for any man who wants to emerge and be in the center of the spotlight.

If you don’t know everything about Aventus, click here. You will quickly catch up to the advanced level of the enthusiast, no matter if you ever smelled it or not. Then, we can continue to discuss some of its aspects that make it win first place on the podium.

The formula is just a big part of the success of Aventus. We know that it makes women crazy about it if you don’t follow the proper tips about how to use it effectively. We also appreciate all the attention we get from women as well as men when we use it as intended. In other words, you need to wear Aventus, but the perfume must not wear you or overshadow you.


The graciousness of Aventus is that level of quality that completes any outfit and fulfill any goal you may have. But, here is the only downside that trades its magnificence for the rating of absolute perfect ten it would otherwise deserve: you can’t wear it any day anywhere. I mean, you absolutely can, but it is not worth it. You would not stare in awe of magic if you saw magic tricks all the time. So, you must cherish the uniqueness of Aventus, and not spoil it.

As Aventus undoubtedly get a 9.5 in a leaderboard about which Creed cologne is the best, ranking the first place, we still may need other scents to fulfill other daily necessities. So, let’s see what other Creed perfumes are the best for different occasions. We will keep noticing how Aventus plays an important role in those instances.


Spring: Let keep it classy

Before Aventus came along, all sorts of fragrances tried to surpass the classics. One of the Creed masterwork scents is Bois de Cedrat, a unisex scent with a citrusy opening and a woody base. Henry Creed created this formula in 1875, and it endured a continued success, thanks to the outstanding quality of the ambergris.

The Creed family were among the first to use ambergris to extend the otherwise short odor lives of fruity notes that made the opening of almost any summer fragrance of that time. The alternative was the classic barbershop fragrances, which standardized formulas came a little later during 1900.

Today, this eau de toilette remains one of the most underrated Creed’s creations. It is a valid alternative to the otherwise modern compliment getter Viking. Click the link for the related comparison with Aventus itself.

During spring and summer, you can choose Bois de Cedrat for everyday use. Being an eau de toilette, it will not last too much, but it will energize you like Aventus. It will give you that boost to start the day just right. If you still don’t want to miss any compliment, try Viking. The tradeoff is complexity for elegance. Any Creed fragrance is suitable for classic clothes or shirts. Aventus is exceptional for any casual outfit, Bois de Cedrat or Viking could make you lose a little finesse in this case.


Summer in a bottle

To keep safe the magic of Aventus, you can always turn to Erolfa and Millésime Impérial. These two Creed fragrances will grant you any maneuver to surprise and seduce the people around you. Erolfa came out in 1992. Millésime Impériall just three years later. They are both for the summer, and they share the same intoxication allure of the Aventus DNA.

Picture Erolfa as the perfect companion for the drink or cocktail before a lovely dinner. A white linen shirt and moccasin complete the look to rightfully wear Erolfa. This is also a fantastic alternative for the younger audience. I would say for people between 20 and 25 years old. Experiment with Erolfa first if you think that Aventus could be too powerful for your personality type.

Millésime Impérial followed the success of Erolfa. It always offers a scent with salty and marine smells, just like Erolfa. It announces the luxurious and sophisticated French atmosphere from which the Creed family will take inspiration to create Aventus. In this case, it is a bold elegance. The intensity of the projection increases with the passing of the hours. The opening is sparkling but not as exceptional as in Aventus.

In the hottest of days, Millésime Impérial rises to be the perfect challenger for Aventus. Aventus slightly performs worse in those instances. Performance-wise, Millésime Impérial does not usually project after the first 3 hours, and that’s the only reason why it cannot win over Aventus even during the hottest summer days.

Autumn: Keep The warm

From time to time, you will want to take a break from the freshness of Aventus. That’s when Tabarome by Creed joins the discussion. This 2000 fragrance will evoke an opposing feeling to the pervasive scent of Aventus. You will not lose any uniqueness, but you will gain in creaminess.

The name would suggest tobacco, and that’s part of it. It is not the warm tobacco of Herod by Perfume De Marly. It is a more dried aroma of tobacco that rounds up the other creamy notes. Tabarome fills the void for contrast that frequent use of Aventus may create.

Among the other Creed creations, Tabarome is one of the go-to fragrances to use during the warmer seasons. The other is Creed Silver Mountain Water. Click here to read how Silver Mountain Water compares to Aventus.

They both give you the same level of control over the perception of others. While Aventus like to impose itself on whoever smells it, with these, you will change their perception of you in a similar but more discreet fashion. The goal? Dominance.

What about winter?

I always considered winter as the definitive assistant when it comes to judging which Creed cologne is the best. The reason being that during winter, the cold helps you to understand how your skin reacts and change the perfume. I would then advise you to try out the different Creed fragrances you have to see which one performs better on you and your clothes. The more you dress up, the more you need to know which one lasts longer on your skin or your clothes.

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