Compliment getters: Creed Viking vs Aventus

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Viking and Aventus compete for the spot as the best compliment getter for men. Maybe they are not the only ones in their catalog. But I think a quick Creed Viking vs Aventus comparison will guide anyone who wants to try these popular Maison Creed’s products, which are famous for their high-quality ingredients.

What about Viking?

Many enthusiasts waited for the launch of Viking. This happened seven years after that of Aventus, a fragrance whose success and popularity are unbelievable. We can assume that Olivier Creed wanted to win back the podium as the best creator in the family with a new perfume. The perfume plows the same furrow as Aventus.

Compliment getters: Creed Viking vs Aventus 1

Viking is a perfume you hardly can objectively review. It starts with a traditional barbershop vibe but differs considerably from Bois du Portugal, a previous Olivier’s creation. The mint note diverts attention from the complexity of the olfactory accord, which appears sumptuously simple. This perfume intoxicates and amazes. Many complain that it does not last long. It’s easy to find many conflicting opinions about Viking, but it’s popular because it polarizes who smells it.

Which one gets you more compliments?

If you missed the opportunity to try diverse batches of Aventus, head to the Creed Aventus and other Creed perfume details with the review. You will read about the main characteristics and uses you can expect to employ to wear perfectly this majestic scent. Aventus is definitely a compliment getter, but you better follow the rules to maximize its effect if you want to do a proper Creed Viking vs Aventus comparison.

Compliment getters: Creed Viking vs Aventus 2

As discussed in the importance of scents in your relationship, the biggest compliment getter between Aventus and Viking will be the one that adequately fits the relationship you are into.

Regarding the general public, you can expect to get more compliments with Aventus during formal events. Use it during Spring for the best results.

Viking wins during summer. The hotter the day, the best Viking will perform. As I said, take note of the polarizing effect. Rarely, Viking wins over people who can’t stand it. Usually, people won’t notice the scent instantly. They will tend to like it in a week to a month. In summer, it can effortlessly become your signature scent.

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