What Does Azzaro Wanted Smell Like

Written by Lucas M. Hall

To describe what does Azzaro Wanted smell like, I would start by giving it a setting: the saloon of a western movie. This sweet fragrance offers quite a different range of scents throughout its use, so I would place it in the same category of other fragrances like Invictus by Paco Rabanne and Eros by Versace. But it smells quite different.

The opening is lemon-like, but don’t expect a refreshing citrusy aroma. This lemon is sweetened, almost like a sugared lemonade. Afterward, the spicy component appears and makes the fragrance more pungent. That olfactory note of lemon does not last long. The spice goes on a little longer and meets the following notes.

In the heart notes, the apple forms the accord with the spices. This union distinguishes Wanted from the other fragrances in the same category. Over time, after several sprays, several redolences become more pronounced. Sometimes, the floral notes become stronger. Lavender, which should emerge among the top notes, at times peeps out considerably. Lavender, mint, and cardamom are mainly responsible for this fresh sensation that the first and central parts of the perfume have.

Toward the end, Tonka beans become predominant. They supply a dry-down stage quite familiar to many other sweet formulas. Rarely, there is a coarser note of Vetiver that marks this creation distinctly in a masculine way.

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As I wrote at the beginning, I see this cologne fit in a western scene. For two main reasons: the first because it smells a tad synthetic. I would say that it is impossible to describe Azzaro Wanted as a perfume with natural ingredients. It goes well with the scene of a film that aims to hit you with a fake roughness, but in reality, it turns to a huge mass audience to offer a crowd-pleaser. The second reason is that we could also describe it as a bourbon amber scent. It does not have a boozy effect but is enveloping.

If you have any unresolved questions about this scent, I recommend you read the Azzaro Wanted By Night review first. This flanker is appreciated both by those who want to complete the Wanted effect and by those who would like something less pronounced.

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