Azzaro Wanted By Night vs Ultra Male Comparison

Do not buy any of these before reading this Azzaro Wanted By Night vs Ultra Male comparison. It will save you so much trouble!


Azzaro Wanted By Night vs Ultra Male Comparison 1

Azzaro Wanted By Night

Azzaro Wanted By Night vs Ultra Male Comparison 2

Ultra Male


• A spicy mens fragrance with woody, oriental notes
• Wild, Mysterious, Charming

• Opens with citrus notes of bergamot, along with juicy pear, black lavender
• Masculine, Intense, Seductive

Key Notes

Cinnamon, Red Cedar Wood and Tobacco​

Black vanilla, Amber, Woods and spices of Cumin, Cinnamon, with aromatic Clary Sage





3.4 Fl Oz

4.2 oz





Based on 1453 reviews

Based on 1863 reviews




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They fight for a younger audience

As both these scents try to grab a significant slice of the market, they don’t fit within the same age range. Ultra Male is clearly a more youthful concoction. I don’t mean it in a wrong way, but only in comparison to Wanted By Night.

The Azzaro flanker aims right to the twenty-five to thirty-five age range. Ultra Male is recommendable to younger guys. I would guess up to twenty-five, maybe thirty if you look young, and you fit in the following description.

Azzaro Wanted By Night

The man who wears it is different

Ultra Male has a distinct social vibe. Don’t buy this JPG unless you plan to spend more time with your friends, hanging out, or just kill time in a social contest. Also, you can easily pull it off if you are not the muscular type of man. If you have a beautiful face and you like clubbing, Ultra Male is for you.

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Wanted By Night shares a similar sexy vibe, but it would feel terrible on the previously mentioned type of guy. Azzaro created a perfume for a serious man. He can be funny, just for a while. But, that man has already taken a few significant decisions. He is intriguing, a little mysterious, but he is more intense. I would add that the more you build your physique, the more Wanted By Night sits well on you.

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Ultra Male

Do they smell the same?

I don’t think so. The middle stage of Wanted By Night lasts a bit less than Ultra Male and has a satisfying ending. When wearing both perfumes, you will realize that the Azzaro perfume picks a different vibe after two hours, while the Ultra Male continues to shoot its shot with the ladies.

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