Roja Elysium vs Creed Aventus: Not for mere mortals

Comparing Roja Elysium vs Creed Aventus means describing two distinct worldly experiences. On one hand, we have one of the most crafted jewels of the Roja Perfume House. On the other, we have the king of people pleasers itself: Aventus by Creed.

Can we even compare them?

I automatically distrust any person who dislikes a Roja’s perfume. That’s how high I hold them in high regard. Obviously, I am not talking about personal taste in scents. Although I still think there is something wrong with anyone who dared to describe Enigma by Roja as a perfume for old men, I understand that diverse people have different opinions. That’s ok, but no one cannot state that the Roja’s creations are anything but perfectly blended and luxurious.

Roja Elysium

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Creed grew an audience of admirers and followers over time. They use high-quality ingredients and strive to produce head-turning perfumes. But the feeling is different. While Roja stands on its own for the exquisite quality of the raw materials, which make this Maison untouchable, Creed bowed the head from time to time to more commercial needs of the market.

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You can see this in the bottle designs and many other details. So, yes, we can make a comparison between two products for the same audience, but keep in mind that these two respectable Maisons have different styles and a distinct mission.


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When to use which?

To fully understand every aspect of what makes Aventus a worthwhile opponent against Roja Elysium, read the full Creed Aventus review. This is more than a regular buying guide. It will fill you in on the secrets of the Creed’s juice.

Elysium has one of the most stunning openings you will ever smell in your life. I could spend an hour to describe those minutes and yet could fail what a direct experience will do for you. Just like entering a greenhouse full of blooming flowers, Elysium will take you on another dimension for a short while.

Elysium will comfort and hold you in your tough moments. This blend will lift your spirit and inspire you to give your utter best shot. It will take you back to your childhood hopes and dreams, so use it whenever you need to focus on yourself. People could love the scent and the great sillage, but do not wear Elysium to please others. That’s not its goal. Best used in spring and summer.

Aventus will get you compliments, so wear it to impress the ladies and strangers at formal events. The only drawback is to use it as suggested in the review. It’s perfect for spring, but you can pretty much use it in through the seasons.

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