Is Versace Dreamer a Good Cologne?

Written by Lucas M. Hall

If you are about to decide whether to buy The Dreamer by Versace or not, here are some observations you need to consider.

To begin with, this fragrance is over twenty years old. The original version is different from the reformulated one. As it often happens, the original is more long-lasting and has a pleasant natural opening. The reformulated version lasts less and has a monolithic and synthetic opening.

If you bought other fragrances with tobacco notes or a floral opening, such as Dior Homme or Dolce & Gabbana’s The One for Men, you would find that The Dreamer uses a dissimilar tobacco note.

The Dreamer does not project a smell of sweet and subtle tobacco leaf, but rather a definite note of dry and processed tobacco. Tabarome by Creed uses the same kind of dry tobacco aroma. If you’ve ever sniffed that, you will agree that this tobacco note is quite noticeable. After the first few minutes, you already begin to feel the tobacco layer rising. In a short time, it will become predominant and will last for at least an hour.

This scent polarizes considerably anyone who smells it, so expect to receive conflicting opinions. But don’t get me wrong. Is Versace Dreamer a good cologne? Yes, definitely. You can read why in this Versace dreamer cologne review. Here, you will find all the info regarding how to wear this eau de toilette the right way.

Do you want to know Why is Versace Dreamer a good cologne? The Dreamer is about relaxing and personal enjoyment. Wear it in your free time.

Jean-Pierre Bethouart created The Dreamer after Blue Jeans, trying to offer something that went beyond the classic Foug; re. He has discovered a contrast between tobacco and floral notes that have guaranteed the success of this product for over twenty years.

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