7 Things Any Guy Can Do To Look More Attractive

Written by Austin August

Seduction is a topic that has always interested me. Unfortunately, it is not something they teach you in school or professional courses. If you are lucky, you learn it from someone. If you are less fortunate, you can only hope to do the right thing every now and then.

However, you don’t have to waste time and study thousands of authors who say different things. If you like the topic as well, you have noticed that many authors and gurus say contradictory things most of the time. Here are 7 Things any guy can do to look more attractive.

The how to look more attractive man mentality starts with an idea. You can improve your success.

Your effort equals a payoff. You will get a reward when you find the best way to achieve a single goal. Practice these tips, and you will notice the areas that require more attention on your own.

Keep in shape

People judge your body. Go to the gym. Go run. Do a sport. Keep on training.

If you want quick results, seek the help of a professional (possibly a physiotherapist). A professional will help you avoid injuries. Your physical form expresses your health. You can’t cut this corner.

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Beware your smell

Nobody wants someone who reeks near their personal space. Having a neutral smell is fine. Having a great scent is better. If you want to master how to look more attractive man you just have to do one thing … smell good!

You can choose from thousands of fragrances. If you want to get the best to attract girls, there only one you can pick. In this Creed Aventus, you’ll find out why it works and, above all, how to use it to get results. It may contain too advanced advice for beginners, but it will work as an exceptional primer for your future decisions.

Laugh at yourself

Being attractive means to please all people, not just women. You can strive and become as beautiful, rich, and fit as you want, but if you are not capable of laughing at yourself, no woman can ever desire you completely.

On the surface, you will be successful with all of them, but when you turn your back, their eyes will go to the man who dares to laugh at himself and show off his vulnerabilities.

Make your decisions

Get used to making decisions. Have you ever been with a girl who asked you what you wanted to do? Did she ever ask you where you would like to go?

The worst answer you can give is “What do you want to do?” Every man must make up his mind. If anyone asks you a question, you may take your time, but answer. “I don’t know it yet” is a valid answer for most questions. It will buy you some time, but you have to figure a definitive reply out.

Do not be sorry

Don’t justify yourself. Don’t complain. If you say what you think, other people’s reaction is just their problem. Developing your ethics helps to be authentic. Your morale can clash with that of others, but it’s not for you to apologize for their inflexibility.

Be honest

When you dare to say what you think, people meet the real you. Some will hate you. Others will love you.

Men, who fail how to look more attractive man, fail one thing: they lie to get compliments. Yes, you have to please others, but do not lie. People notice, then avoid you because they feel you are fake.

Respect all women

Many of my friends only wanted to talk to the most beautiful women. The least attractive girls are women too. Not only do they have a better personality than many attractive girls, but they also have attractive friends.

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Austin August

Austin finished his Master’s Degree in Marketing in 2005. While studying, he worked for a magazine that focused on men and women’s health. This experience sparked his interest in self-care, which he decided to combine with his expertise in marketing. He started his career as a marketing data analyst for a skincare company in the U.S., and not long after, he became Grooming Guide’s head of market research. When he isn’t working, Richard spends his time with his family of five.

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