Best Creed Vetiver Cologne Review

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Creed Vetiver cologne was introduced in 2004. Originally Vetiver reinvented the traditional vetiver fragrance.

The vetiver plant has been used to produce fragrance. The creed uses these parts of the plant, the root, leaves, and are blended to get the fresh scent. The creed produces an original genuine brand and doesn’t sell imitation.

This article will look at the Creed Vetiver Cologne review at both personal levels and of those who have used it.

When I open it, the combination of citrus, bergamot, and the mandarin fragrance is more prevalent and a soft spicy fragrance of ginger in the air. As I enjoy it,

Vetiver from other colognes has never become a dominant fragrance as in the creed vetiver cologne. It is so conspicuous, and anyone can notice from afar, and creed has done a commendable job.

The fragrance is revitalizing and full of life, it gives an attractive freshness in the air around. I am feeling lucky to use it.

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Projection wise, it is not so strong, but this is never a hindrance either. The original Vetiver is there, giving it a much better mint fragrance that is overwhelming.

This fragrance has excellent longevity, and anytime I wear it. It goes throughout the day, whether it is rainy or sunny. It is still refreshing, just like other creed fragrances. Vetiver perfume performs so well, and typically all the expectations are met. The scent is well crafted.


I like the fragrance, but its projections are not at the time as per my expectations. Sometimes I would feel it all day long, but at the time, the fragrance disappears and can’t go throughout the day.

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The creed produces one of the most beautiful fragrances for men. Ever since I started using it, it has been overwhelming, and not at any time disappointed by these fragrances.

For sure, I do appreciate the high quality of this scent. This corresponds to its high price. This cologne has good quality and projection.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

This fragrance described as that of grassland mixed with bar soap. In this case, I don’t refer to the cheap bar soar but luxury soaps like those found in the spa and high-end hotels. It has that beautiful summer fragrance.

The original Vetiver has that dry bergamot and orange fragrance when opened. The vetiver scent comes out later; gaining a refreshing atmosphere age lets out some soapy fragrance.

This revitalizes the energy and increases the ego. The confidence that comes from using VetiverVetiver isn’t comparable to any other. I would give it a five stars rating.


It has a green quality in it that is almost the same as a mint fragrance. Despite that, it doesn’t contain any mint, but the scent creates an illusion that of natural freshness on the skin and the atmosphere.

When I wear it, VetiverVetiver has a linear fragrance that is so fine for me, and the soapy fragrance brings out that masculine nature. I enjoy it throughout the day and bring out that freshness and revitalizing scent all the time. It is something that has been used for several years and so much appealing to everyone.

Who Needs It Most?

Having the citrus and the mint illusion, it takes center stage and can’t release that grip. Anytime I want to get that refreshing revitalizing scent, Vetiver is there for me, It boasts some energy whenever inhaled.

How to Use it properly?

This is a timeless classic perfume I can ever get. Its natural aromatic fragrance has never let me down. On opening, it smells like a bar of soap, but after some time. It becomes noticeable as would call it grassy, green, and fresh fragrance. Its unique smell revitalizes your day as you go out for work, office church, and others.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend the original VetiverVetiver for its high qualities and fulfilling some exciting mood. It is the best. Its classic soapy masculine fragrance gives you some power to move on to do your daily chaos. With its green masculine aroma, it can be used daily by all men.

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