Burberry The Beat Men’s Cologne Review

Written by Lucas M. Hall

There’s something every man needs and something every girl loves. That’s a great Burberry mens cologne. They’re hard to find and even harder to get something that’s within a budget.

This is a fantastic cologne that can work for all men in all situations. It’s a brilliant buy with great reviews which will give you no reason to want this wonderful scent yourself. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! Burberry the beat men’s cologne is the best.



This item looks sexy, classy, interesting, and sophisticated without even opening the bottle. Its sleek look and puristic design impress you from the first sight. It weighs a light 3.3 ounces which are great to take anywhere with you rather than having something cumbersome if you’re going out.

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This French-made, beautifully designed and etched bottle contains something that’s not just masculine, but impressive to its wearer and the people that have the pleasure of being in your presence. This wonderful aroma features unique woodland top notes of spicy black pepper, cedrat, and violet.

This Burberry men’s cologne has a beautiful unblemished geranium and a bit of aromatic white thyme which is added in to give you a shot of vitality. It’s presented in a beautifully designed check-patterned glass bottle.


There are so many reasons, opinions, and other reviews why this product has so many positives. It’s such a great choice because as for us men it’s hard to choose a great cologne. Most other colognes for men are either very overpowering, too soft and sweet, or too flat.

To try and find a cologne like this that both shares a subtle, yet spicy and classy scene is a very rare opportunity. From the design of this product to the professional and futuristic design, this doesn’t just smell great. It looks great. It’s just class, all over.

The other great side about this product is the pricing. It’s a great price for anyone that want’s something that’s classy, sexy and sophisticated. As us guys know, it’s almost impossible to find a well priced and well-scented fragrance that won’t smell like your grandfather’s cologne, but also won’t smell like someone switched it for a bottle of Axe.


Apart from personal taste or personal disliking, this isn’t something you could dislike. But everyone has their own tastes. As for most people who are going to be trying or using this product, most people will admit that it’s a beautiful fragrance that any man should wear.


If there’s a way to describe the best benefit of this Eau De Toilette men’s cologne, is how it can somehow stay classy and sexy, yet subtle and sweet enough to be casual.

It is a scent that you would mostly wear out to a date or a night out, but it’s also a fragrance you could pull off if you had to wear it out for a casual meet up or a night out at the movies. Overall Burberry men’s cologne has the ability to be used in any situation and impress everyone around you, especially the women! Very subtle.

Who Needs It Most?

If you’re a man who uses Axe deodorant, that wears a $10 dragon shirt to nightclubs, you need Burberry mens cologne. Not only does it have the ability to turn heads, eyes, and faces, but we all know how a particular scent can give you a certain vibe, and we all love a good first impression.

If you’re not just looking for attention, but a man that’s looking to have a level of James Bond class, this is the cologne that will get you out of your Axe deodorant boyhood, into a man of sophistication and class.

To be specific, this is for men that like to go out, party, have fun. It’s also for men that are willing to try a new scent and a bit of class for going out to lunch with a friend in a shopping center or even a park. It’s fantastic at being able to be an all-around, all-purpose scent.

Summary Of Amazon Customer Reviews


For the most part, the reviews are excellent. Burberry men’s cologne always compliments how great the fragrance is and how much they would recommend it to other people. There are even some people saying they’d buy it again without thinking twice. But as human nature is, there’s always a contrarian.

For the most part, people are saying that it has a nice, clean scent that isn’t too light or too strong. Quite a few reviews say that they receive compliments from wearing this cologne, and who wouldn’t want that?

There have been a few to say that when you first put it on, it starts off as a fruity, spicy but a bit of a subtle scent about it, which later turns into a light musky smell by the end of the day. This is fantastic as most cologne’s will tend to just fade into oblivion and which will require you to walk around with a bottle to re-apply it.

How To Use It Properly

If you’ve just bought this wonderful cologne and you’re looking for an excuse to wear it out, don’t do it just yet. As most of us men think, the more the better. Actually, less is more when it comes to cologne. Whatever you do, don’t apply this to your clothes unless you want to smell the used, old scent of a 3-day cologne on your clothes.

Hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your arm, spray once or twice at the absolute maximum, put your wrists together and rub your wrists together. This is one way of applying cologne the right way, or you can also rub some on your neck if you’re going out and hoping to enjoy a special someone’s company. The only wrong way to use it is to overuse it.

Final Verdict

You may be wondering if Burberry is a reliable product, as most would. The great news is that it’s a very reputable brand. Burberry has been in business since 1856. That’s probably as old as your great, great grandmother right? Burberry has a fantastic reputation and consistently produces high-quality products.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. This product has consistently received great feedback, except fora few complaints which are more about the supplier and how it was delivered. All reviews about the product itself have brilliant reviews that say nothing but great things about the product.

The best thing about this product as mentioned before is that it’s an all-round and all-purpose cologne that you can wear anywhere. Although because of it’s classy, yet spicy undertone it would be fantastic to go somewhere out on the town or to take your lover out to a wonderful dinner, it suits all situations.

What’s even better is the price. As men, we would rather spend money on a beer than a cologne. We want something simple, that smells great and delivers. This does all of them and above. Not only that, Burberry men’s cologne is a fantastic price for a high-quality scent that other cologne would make you pay hundreds for. It’s a great save!

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