Which Fragrance Similar To Tom Ford Oud Wood Is Out For Grab?

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Which fragrance similar to Tom Ford Oud Wood should you have? Which one would be redundant? Let’s see what other designers and niche perfumes share the same DNA of Tom Ford Oud Wood.

Why pick the original in the first place?

I don’t know if you already smelled the original Tom Ford Oud Wood, so I thought to start with a few words about it. If you don’t know much about its smell and performances, click here to read the review about Tom Ford Oud Wood.

When it comes to similar fragrances, what I want to focus on is the performance and uniqueness of different scents you may want to try. The Tom Ford blend is an excellent juice, crafted in 2007 by Richard Herpin. You might want the original for its evocative accord.

Oud Wood can still have a place in the contemporary market because its fragrance always leads to different opinions from consumers.

Which Fragrance Similar To Tom Ford Oud Wood Is Out For Grab? 1

Which fragrance similar to Tom Ford Oud Wood should you get?

If you like Oud, then you should get Versace Oud Noir. This 2013 male scent has an intense oud. Its power is the main factor that distinguishes it from Oud Wood. Versace Oud Noir will last longer but will never be too much or suffocating to those around you.

Another option is Accord Oud by Byredo. In 2010, Byredo offered this perfume very similar to Oud Wood. Overall, this accord is more round and smudged by a musky note. This is a more social alternative to Oud Wood. Accord Oud is perfect for a cocktail with friends.

Instead, if you want to go toward another direction, try Carved Oud by Thameen. Here, the Oud note is less predominant than Oud Wood. Carved Oud is fantastic for the evening. Cedar notes sweeten the woody accord. It is softer and slightly powdery. You will keep the mystery, but you will lose that artistic nuance.

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