Peloton vs Schwinn AC (Which is the Better Bike?)

Peloton vs Schwinn AC
Written by Steve M. Ford

Spin bikes are a great way to get a good cardio workout at home, strengthen your legs and muscles and burn excess fat. You can use them even while watching TV or listening to a song and not worry about the local weather. Some of them come with many interesting features that will give you a good run for your money. As a result, they often have a high price tag. 

Consequently, most users are usually worried about the durability of their bikes. Without a doubt, peloton and Schwinn AC are some of the more popular models out there. 

In today’s article, we will see how well they stack up against each other in terms of performance, pricing, and durability. So, between Peloton vs Schwinn, which one is better?

Difference between Peloton and Schwinn AC


This is probably the area where the two bikes differ the most. Everyone knows the Peloton bike is super expensive (around $1800+). However, compared to other Schwinn bikes like the IC4 ($899), Peloton is more than twice the price. Interestingly, the Schwinn AC comes with a higher price tag (around $2499), which says a lot about its quality. However, the cost of Peloton includes both assembly and delivery, while for the Schwinn AC, you have to assemble the bike yourself. 

Thus, it’s clear that while the majority of Schwinn bikes are on the affordable side, their premium model, the Schwinn AC comes at a higher price than the Peloton. Fortunately, you can use the Peloton Digital App on Schwinn via a smartphone or tablet.


We found the Schwinn AC more adjustable than the Peloton in terms of the height, seat, and handlebars. It also appeared sleeker with a dimension of 48″H x 20″W x 43″ D and a net weight of 106 pounds. On the other hand, the Peloton bike has a dimension of 59″L x 53″H x23″W. In other words, you will need additional space to store the Peloton bike.


Another major aspect of distinction between the Peloton bike and Schwinn AC is the touchscreen. 

While the Peloton features a 21.5″ HD touchscreen, the Schwinn AC doesn’t come with any console or LCD monitor, although it has a tablet holder that can fit your iPad. Of course, Schwinn has a few options for an upgrade, but that usually comes at an extra cost. 

The touchscreen obviously translates to more convenience as you don’t have to worry about setting up or charging your phone or tablet all the time. It also saves you a lot more time. Just press the power button, and you’re good to go.

Having said that, you can get a similar experience with the Schwinn AC by running the Peloton app on an iPad. You may also need good headphones or a separate speaker if you want the sound to come out better. The Peloton bike already has these built-in.

Final Verdict

Overall, both Schwinn AC and Peloton spin bike offer a top-tier cycling experience. Both bikes are expensive and require considerable space for storage. We may give it to the Schwinn AC as far as functionality and durability are concerned. However, when it comes to technology and getting your full stats, Peloton offers a more complete experience.

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