Jimmy Choo Man vs Man Intense: Bang for the Buck

As many Jimy Choo products do not get much love, I found it appropriate to fight each other in this Jimmy Choo Man vs Man Intense showdown. Which one the best bang for your bucks?

Jabbing your way to the win

If Jimmy Choo Man Intense were a fighter, it would be a boxer. More precisely, a striker. You can follow along with this example by glancing at this quick review of Jimmy Choo Man Intense cologne. The formula leaves no doubt about the intention of the nose behind the formulation.


As it shares the same DNA of blue fragrances like Versace’s Dylan Blue or aquatic scents like Invictus by Paco Rabanne, the opening is the most prominent feature of this eau de toilette. Smooth, soapy clean opening. And then, it is every scent for itself.

It is actually not uncommon for people who love Jimmy Choo Man Intense to apply it over and over again throughout the day. The average is every two hours, as the sweet and fruity opening is the part that captures the blue essence of similar fragrances.

Dreaming of conquering empires

Jimmy Choo Man has similar weak performances. But its goal is not the same as the Intense version. Anne Flipo created this blend in 2014. She is the same nose (one of the creators to be precise) who created Invictus and Coach for Men. Anyone can realize that this is not her first rodeo. The formula is simple but falls short after the light opening.


Many argue that Jimmy Choo Man is just a stripped off version of Aventus. Like someone who dreams about winning riding a mule that is also dreaming of running free and wild. The quality of the ingredients is not there. Also, I would add that it does not remind of Aventus as much as one of its clones.

Nevertheless, Jimmy Choo Man is not a nightmare. It is a delicate attempt to create something that goes in the same direction as Bleu by Chanel. It is also very reminiscent of the Chanel cologne. You could get used to spraying Jimmy Choo Man daily if that scent is your favorite.

The final verdict

We cannot praise the uniqueness of these two blends, so we will discuss the performances and other details. In the Jimmy Choo Man vs Man Intense comparison, we see that the price of the Intense version is usually higher. But, this does not mean that it lasts longer, or that it projects better.

As the price stays in the low range, I would suggest thinking about the sort of scent you want to get. You can expect total longevity of four or five hours maximum. Unfortunately, the first five to thirty minutes is all there is to them. After that, they become pretty generic. So how can you choose which one is for you?

Jimmy Choo Man is very sweet. It reminds frag heads of the late 90ies, early 2000. At that time, the metrosexual man was trendy. But, as the first decade died down, the fashionable man got back on dissimilar feet. Jimmy Choo Intense integrates a more spicy approach. Thus, it could be a safer fragrance for someone who wants a refreshing spray in the office for a redolent break.

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