Eight Simple Rules For a Longer Life

Written by Austin August

Nobody wants to wake up every morning feeling sick and miserable. Sometimes it feels like your entire body is against you. Statistics have shown that such a lifestyle drastically reduces longevity and fulfillment.

How do you counter this? It is honestly not so easy to get into the habit of a better lifestyle. You need to take small steps and eventually lead yourself up to a better life.

What are these steps? With this article, you will be recommended eight simple rules to enforce in your life that can really make a difference.

Eat Better Food

An exclusive diet of Doritos and mountain dew is going to kill you inside slowly. You will begin feeling less active as the tons of calories overwhelm your body. Lack of nutrients also slows your body down to a halt. If you want to live healthy and active, you need to change your diet to something more substantial and healthier.

So, what should you eat? Foods that are brimming with nutrients is a good start. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low dairy products lead to a healthy heart. Meats and fishes help your brain feel active and healthy while protein also helps your body develop more.

Eat all-natural, do not go for anything that fills itself with chemicals; they defeat the whole purpose of the nutrients. For example, potato chips are vegetables, but in a diet, they will not be doing you any favors. In this regard, make sure you include the right kind of food in your diet.

Take Your Time When Chewing

Eating should be a sacred act. This is what fuels you to go about the rest of the day. You should not rush it. Chew your food carefully. Otherwise, you will end up feeling hungry and unfulfilled the whole day. Studies have shown that eating too quickly does not help your appetite.

Moreover, you will be absorbing less of the nutrients, digesting your food inefficiently, and denying yourself the taste of your food.

Therefore, to chew properly, take it slow. Chew steadily until it is ready to be swallowed. Do not eat while your heart is pumping too fast. Take deep breathes to calm down. Drink water only after you have swallowed and do not take another bite until the previous one has been completely swallowed.

Keep Yourself Active

The bed is a person’s best friend. It always has your back unrelentingly. However, overindulging yourself in its comfort can lead to awful repercussions. Keeping yourself inactive all day will gradually deteriorate your body. Your energy reserves will shorten, and simple tasks gradually take more out of you.

So, it is prescribed that you keep a daily exercise regimen. Go jogging every morning or do some morning stretches. Do not let yourself be chained to your bed all day. Just moving around all day makes a massive difference.

Keep Yourself and Your Surroundings Clean


The most prominent health hazard of them is poor hygiene. Do not ever let yourself be lazy enough to skip your shower every day. You need to wake up every morning clean and fresh; ready for all the challenges the day may have for you. Everything from your carpet to your clothes should stay clean as well.

Believe it or not, there is no feeling better than being clean. A dirty environment can also clutter your mind. How can you organize yourself when everything around you is so disorganized? It increases stress and decreases satisfaction with your own living standards and yourself. In addition, the use of deodorant and cologne for personal cleanliness helps reduce stress. 

Hence, you should always take some time out of your schedule to give everything a good clean.

Always Wear the Right Clothes

A bit of a no brainer, but you need to wear the right clothes. Do not fall asleep in your work clothes that will not only decrease your comfort but also is a very unhygienic practice. Follow the season when choosing what to wear. It does not matter how trendy it might get, do not wear a sundress in winter.

Of course, the main factor of them all is to wear clothes that feel right to you. Do not let yourself oblige to meaningless trends that skyrockets your expenses and only induces stress. Just wear what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. It might seem pointless, but it really does wonders for your stress and mental health.

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Keep Your Windows Open


As nice as it feels, air-conditioned air has absolutely nothing on the absolute majesty than fresh air. Unless you live somewhere full-on of polluted air, try to take in as much of natural air as you possibly can. Morning jogging also helps as the air is at its freshest in the morning. Taking them in is great for the heart and mind.

In that sense, keeping your windows open also does a better job of circulating the air inside your house. Letting the sunlight is also great for your health. The sunlight also helps you to save energy by providing natural light.

Finally, keeping your windows shut means you are effectively trapping all the pollutants and old air inside. This will eventually make the air feel heavy making it harder to breathe. The process is simple too. So, just keep them open as often as you can.

Do not Rely on Medicine

When it comes to your health, it should be you who is in control. You cannot let your life be dictated by prescription, medicine, and drugs. Of course, if you must, there is no escape from it. So, you must make the effort that you don’t have to rely on such items to keep yourself healthy.

Unfortunately, to some, that might just not be possible. Disease and illness are cruel and unfair, and it may trap you into something inescapable. At times like those, there is no escape from medicine.

However, the rest of us who are fortunate enough not to be inflicted in such a tragic way, must make the effort to cherish our health. So, you should keep a very careful eye on your health to prevent illness, rather than trying to rely on cures all the time. It honestly makes all the difference.

Attain a Peace of Mind


The previous steps were geared towards keeping your body healthy and your mind sound, but at the end of the day, we are all unique and need our own unique ways to attain mental clarity.

There is no guideline for this rule. Simply, do what you want to do with your life; what makes you happy and gives you meaning. All the previous points become essentially meaningless if you cannot find peace within yourself.

As such, strive for what you want in your life and give yourself the mental serenity of being proud of yourself. It may not come quickly, but with enough time, you can do it.


Getting into the habit is hard. It takes a lot of time and dedication to successfully change your lifestyle. However, all you need to do is keep trying until eventually, all these rules become a part of you and your way of life. That way, you will have a long and fulfilling life ahead of you.


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