Creed Royal Oud Review: Best Unisex Creed Perfume?

Written by Lucas M. Hall

Creed stood out for many fine fragrances. This Creed Royal Oud review focuses on one of the most well-received creations of the last decade of the new millennium. Many frown their eyebrows when they found out how recent this instant classic is.

Oud born of noble birth

Oliver Creed launched Royal Oud in 2011. The name is somewhat mysterious for many enthusiasts.

Here is a more laid version of the Creed Royal Oud review to not lead anyone wrong. We will see why such clarification is necessary as we dig deep into the olfactory composition and other details.

This fragrance does not have a tremendous persistence in comparison with other Creed’s formulas.

The sillage is representative of the Creed Maison, that is, moderate and aristocratic. The Oud note is almost hidden, but on the other hand, the cedar note becomes prominent. This blend has quickly and notoriously become a milestone in perfumery.

It is recommendable for anyone who wants to stand out with a unique and intriguing scent.


The high quality of the ingredients evokes a different kind of nobility. The “Royal” in Royal Oud is a tribute to a more exotic atmosphere of the French Renaissance era used for typical inspiration.

This perfume takes inspiration from the Persian royal palaces. As the woody base presents the powerful and elegant identity of the wearer, the other notes replicate the luxurious feel of distant and dazzling reflections of gold and jewels in scented boxes.

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The olfactory pyramid of Creed Royal Oud

An ingenious citrus accord immediately emerges with the first spray. Calabrian lemon and Sicilian Bergamot are the two Italian ingredients that blend with a biting pink pepper.

The citrusy aroma will withdraw timidly to make room for an astonishing mixture of woods and spices. As time goes by, the heart notes reveal the characteristical cedar note that many associates with Royal Oud.

Galbanum and angelic root also add their spicy nuances. They create a more vivid effect. Their presence explains why the sillage gives out that pleasant and aristocratic aroma as the perfume dangles in the air.

Finally, at the base of the formula, we find a superb Oud that makes this a correctly regal creation. Here we see the rare, mysterious, and irresistible nature of the Oud note.

Oud is a precious resin prized in the West for its rich and opulent notes. It is an alluring reference to the fabulous Arab attars and the impenetrable oriental world. The compelling challenge undertaken by Olivier Creed was to capture the essence of the Oud and create his interpretation.

At last, sandalwood and Tonkin musk round the base up. They integrate the seductive qualities. The spicy scents would otherwise mask the woody notes with a more warming sensation. Thus, the sexy concoction is ready to use.

What does Creed Royal Oud smell like?

Royal Oud is very reminiscent of a luxury sauna experience. The down to earth version of what does Creed Royal Oud smell like is the standard layperson that enters a beautiful spa and goes into a sauna.

Here, a warm and humid feeling flashes right to your skin. You begin to relax, and you can not avoid noticing the smell of wet, clean wood.

You meditate for a while about the quality of the wood you are smelling. It hits you that the fragrance comes across as a somewhat processed wood smell. Then, the air gets colder. Whiffs of fresh air get to your head as you step out of the sauna. After a while, it is like holding a warm herb tea in your hands: it is spicy, and the aroma cheers you up.

The presence of the Oud note is like a steady melody, a soft and bewitching background that never takes over the chorus, but supports it firmly. Its unmistakable character persists, yet it remains in harmonious balance with the other main protagonists.

The notes of Royal Oud are striking but never haughty. They keep the final experience to the right degree of warmth, thanks to the precious essential oils of exotic woods and the exceptional Oud.

When to wear Royal Oud?

Royal Oud takes the reins of your fragrance closet during the colder seasons. It performs beautifully during the last warm autumn days. As the afternoon fades away, and we leave your house to enjoy a drink or a night out, the woody essence will make you feel alive and reinvigorated.

You can easily spray Royal Oud for formal events and nighttime celebrations. You should count on six hours of projection maximum.

After that, the scent will sit on your skin for several hours. The overall peak comes during the second and third hours. That is when the sillage is still good, and the scent has developed fully.

It could be tempting to use it more than you should. By getting used to this scent, many forget that this is a niche fragrance.

If you spray it before going out to dinner with friends, then you could come across as an eating scented candle. For more casual use, apply half the number of sprays you usually use.

To appreciate what Royal Oud has to offer, a suit or elegant outfit is recommendable. It will work flawlessly for important business days and meetings that do not stretch for over two hours, and it is undoubtedly a superior choice for a relaxing walk in the park.

How to apply Creed Royal Oud

Royal Oud is a unisex fragrance. Any woman who might find it leaning on the masculine side should try Creed Royal Princess Oud. The latter creation came out in 2015, and it is a more flowery version for women that fits better in the daytime.

You may find it more useful to use Royal Oud on clothes, gloves, and handkerchiefs than on your skin. The elegant smell works better than other on cotton and wool. Two sprays on your skin would be then enough to complete the perfect royal aura.

To slightly halt the woody nature of the juice, spray it once on a wrist and behind the ear. Then, gently press the wrists together without rubbing them.

Next, you can press one wrist on the other side of the neck. This way will get you a more delicate and powdery effect.

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