Why Put Perfume behind Your Knees

Why Put Perfume behind Your Knees 1
Written by Lucas M. Hall
Hey there! Have you ever heard people say, “Put your perfume behind your knees”? It sounds funny, doesn’t it? But, it’s actually a super cool trick! Let’s find out why. First things first, when we talk about perfume, we think about smelling good, right? But, there’s a really smart way to make that lovely smell last even longer on your skin. And, yes, it includes your knees!
Why Put Perfume behind Your Knees

The Secret of Pulse Points

Before we jump to the knees, let’s talk about “pulse points.” These are special spots on your body where you can feel your heartbeat. These spots are warm because your blood is moving right there. When you put perfume on these spots, the warmth helps to send the smell into the air. So, you smell great from these spots! Check out this table to know some common pulse points:
Pulse Point Location on Your Body
Wrists Inside your wrist, where you check your pulse.
Neck Where your neck meets your jawline.
Behind Ears Right behind your earlobes.
Chest In the center, a bit above your heart.
Inner Elbows Where your arm bends on the inside.
Behind Knees Yep, that’s what we’re talking about today!

Why Behind the Knees?

So now, let’s talk about “behind the knees.” Your knees are also one of those pulse points. But they’re special for a couple of reasons:
  • They’re Low to the Ground: This helps your perfume rise up as the air around you warms up.
  • They Bend: Every time you walk or sit, the movement helps release your perfume.
  • Fewer Products Used There: People often use scented lotions or creams on other parts of their body. This can mix with your perfume and change how it smells. But we don’t usually put a lot of other stuff behind our knees, so it’s a clean spot for your scent.
Why Put Perfume behind Your Knees

Walking can enhance the scent’s projection, as the movement disperses the fragrance upwards from behind the knees.


How to Apply Perfume to Your Knees

Applying perfume behind your knees is super easy! Here’s what you do:
  • Make sure the skin is clean and dry.
  • Hold your perfume bottle a few inches away from your knee.
  • Give a gentle spray right behind each knee.
  • Try not to rub it in – just let it dry.
Tip: Don’t spray too much! A little bit goes a long way.

Getting the Most Out of Your Perfume

To make the most of your perfume, here are some extra tips:
  • Layer Scents: Use matching body lotions and perfumes for a longer-lasting smell.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking water helps keep your skin moist. And moist skin holds smells better.
  • Store Perfume Properly: Keep your perfume in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and heat can break down its lovely smells.
  • Apply After Shower: Your pores are open then, which helps lock in scent.

Finding Your Perfect Scent

When it comes to perfumes, you’ll find lots and lots to choose from. Always pick one that makes you happy! Here’s how:
  • Try different smells until you find your favorite.
  • Remember that perfumes can smell different on everyone.
  • Ask a grown-up to help you test them in the store.

Wrapping It Up

So now you know why people say to spray perfume behind the knees. It’s a neat little trick that works with the cool things our bodies do to make us smell amazing all day. Just remember to pick a perfume you love and enjoy how it makes you feel! Have fun trying it out, and stay sweet-smelling, friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Apply Perfume Behind The Knees?

Applying perfume behind the knees takes advantage of the body’s heat, which helps diffuse the scent upward throughout the day.

What Benefits Does This Spot Offer?

This area is a pulse point where the blood vessels are close to the skin, radiating heat and amplifying the fragrance.

Does Perfume Last Longer On Knees?

Perfume tends to last longer on the knees due to less exposure to air and frequent washing, compared to wrists or neck.

Will Walking Affect The Scent’s Projection?

Walking can enhance the scent’s projection, as the movement disperses the fragrance upwards from behind the knees.

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