Why Elliptical is Better Than Treadmill

why elliptical is better than treadmill
Written by Steve M. Ford

When it comes to cardio exercise, two of the most popular machines at the gym are the elliptical and the treadmill. Both machines can provide an effective cardiovascular workout, but there are several reasons why the elliptical may be the better choice for some individuals.

  1. Lower impact on joints One of the main benefits of using an elliptical is that it is a low-impact exercise. The machine’s design allows your feet to remain in contact with the pedals throughout the entire motion, which can reduce the stress on your joints compared to running on a treadmill. This is particularly important for individuals who are recovering from an injury or have arthritis, as the elliptical may be a more comfortable option.
  2. Full-body workout Another advantage of the elliptical is that it provides a full-body workout, engaging both the upper and lower body. As you move the pedals with your feet, the handlebars allow you to work your arms, shoulders, and back muscles. This can lead to a more efficient workout and help you burn more calories.
  3. Variety of workouts Many elliptical machines come with pre-programmed workouts, such as intervals or hill climbs, that can add variety and challenge to your exercise routine. This can help you avoid boredom and keep your workouts interesting and engaging.
  4. Burn more calories Because the elliptical engages more muscle groups, it can burn more calories than the treadmill in the same amount of time. The exact number of calories burned will depend on factors such as your weight, intensity level, and the duration of your workout, but studies have shown that the elliptical can provide a more efficient calorie burn than the treadmill.
  5. Better for beginners For individuals who are new to exercise, the elliptical may be a more accessible option than the treadmill. The low-impact design and ability to adjust the intensity level make it a good choice for those who are just starting out or maybe recovering from an injury.

While the treadmill can provide an effective workout, the elliptical has several advantages that may make it a better choice for some individuals. From a lower impact on joints to a full-body workout and the ability to burn more calories, the elliptical can be an excellent addition to any cardio routine.

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