Why Did Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Pear Glacé? An Ode to Scents and Memories

Why Did Victoria's Secret Discontinue Pear Glacé
Written by Lucas M. Hall

I remember the first time I caught a whiff of Pear Glacé. It was in my teenage years, and I was exploring the luminous world of perfumes and body mists. Victoria’s Secret, with its heavenly lineup, had me hooked, and amongst their fragrant wonders, Pear Glacé stood out. It was fresh, a little fruity, and had an undertone that transported you straight to a sunlit orchard. But like all good things, Pear Glacé too had its sunset. So, why did Victoria’s Secret pull it off the shelves?

1. Evolution of Consumer Preferences

Trends in fragrances, like fashion, undergo evolution. What was en vogue in the 2000s might not strike the same chord in the 2020s. The zeitgeist of every era is different, and perhaps the fruity, lively notes of Pear Glacé didn’t resonate as deeply with the newer generation. Ah, the ever-changing winds of time!

2. The Human Touch & Nuance

When I think of Pear Glacé, it’s not just about the scent. It’s about memories. It’s about the days when I wore it to college, the nights out with friends, and the special occasions. But not everyone shares this sentiment, and over time, the emotional connection of the larger consumer base might have drifted towards newer scents. Scents, after all, are deeply personal.

3. Branding Overhauls

Companies evolve, and in doing so, sometimes they make decisions to reinvent themselves. Victoria’s Secret, over the years, has made efforts to rebrand and diversify its range. In such waves of change, some products naturally get sidelined.

4. Economic & Logistical Reasons

Beyond emotions and branding, there’s the business side of things. It’s possible that the production costs, sourcing of specific ingredients, or logistical challenges might have influenced the decision. After all, even in the world of fragrances, the bottom line matters.

5. Competition and Market Dynamics

With an influx of niche perfume brands, indie fragrances, and an ever-expanding palette of consumer choices, standing out in the crowd is tougher than ever. Pear Glacé, while iconic, might have faced fierce competition from newer, innovative scents.

As I pen this down, the delicate notes of Pear Glacé seem to waft through the room, perhaps from a distant memory or an old bottle I’ve hoarded (guilty as charged). It’s bittersweet, really. While it’s a pity that many won’t experience this particular scent anymore, the discontinuation reminds us of an essential life lesson. It’s not just about the tangible product, but the intangible memories and feelings they evoke. And while Pear Glacé might have been shelved, it will forever linger in the orchards of our hearts.

Ah, Victoria’s Secret, if you’re reading this – any chance of a limited edition comeback? 😉

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Lucas describes himself as a “certified fragrance expert”, having worked with some of the world’s top perfumeries as a perfume consultant. His love for fragrances has allowed him to help companies create scents that continue to sell out to this day. When he isn’t choosing notes, he helps clients find the perfect fragrance that complements their style and personality. Many high-profile clients have found their signature scent through his advice. During his downtime, Lucas likes to fill his home with the mouth-watering smell of s’mores, scones, and other delectable desserts.

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