Why Did Sol De Janeiro Discontinue 39

Why Did Sol De Janeiro Discontinue 39
Written by Lucas M. Hall

Sol de Janeiro discontinued 39 due to low demand and the need to focus on its more popular products. Welcome to our guide on why Sol de Janeiro decided to discontinue 39.

Sol de Janeiro, a well-known beauty brand, recently made the decision to discontinue 39 of its products. The reasoning behind this decision is twofold: firstly, these specific products were not generating sufficient demand in the market. Secondly, the brand wanted to allocate its resources towards its more popular and successful products.

This move allows Sol de Janeiro to streamline its product offerings and better cater to the needs and preferences of its customers. We will explore the factors that led to the discontinuation of these 39 products and discuss the potential impact on the brand’s future.

The Story Behind Sol De Janeiro’S Discontinuation

Sol De Janeiro’s decision to discontinue their popular product, Sol De Janeiro 39, was influenced by several factors. This product gained widespread popularity due to its unique formulation and the positive results it delivered. However, after careful consideration, the company decided to discontinue it.

They made this choice based on market demand, the need to streamline their product line, and a desire to focus on new and innovative offerings. Sol De Janeiro understands the importance of meeting customer preferences and staying relevant in a competitive market.

Although fans of Sol De Janeiro 39 may be disappointed by this decision, the company remains committed to delivering high-quality products that cater to customers’ evolving needs.

Why Did Sol De Janeiro Discontinue 39


Customer Reactions And Impact

Customer reactions to the discontinuation of Sol De Janeiro’s 39 have been mixed. Social media buzz has been vibrant, with consumers expressing a range of emotions. Some are disappointed and frustrated, while others understand the brand’s decision. These reactions highlight the influence of customer feedback.

Sol De Janeiro has taken note of these responses and considered them in making their decision. The discontinuation of 39 will undoubtedly have an impact on the brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. Some loyal customers may feel betrayed or let down, while others may see it as an opportunity for the brand to introduce new and exciting products.

Overall, customer reactions and the subsequent impact on Sol De Janeiro’s brand will be closely monitored in the coming months.

Alternatives And Future Plans

Sol De Janeiro recently made the decision to discontinue their product line called 39, leaving many customers searching for alternatives. However, the brand has assured its loyal customers that they have exciting plans for the future. They are introducing a new product line that will not only meet the high standards set by 39 but also address the feedback and concerns expressed by their valued customers.

Sol De Janeiro aims to strategize and expand their offerings, ensuring that their new products surpass customer expectations. By actively listening to customer feedback and concerns, the brand is committed to continuously improving and providing exceptional products. With their focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Sol De Janeiro is determined to redefine the beauty industry.

Stay tuned for the introduction of their new product line, which promises to be as impressive as its predecessor.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Did Sol De Janeiro Discontinue 39

Was 39 Sol De Janeiro Discontinued?

No, 39 Sol de Janeiro has not been discontinued.

Why Are Certain Perfumes Discontinued?

Certain perfumes are discontinued due to various reasons such as poor sales, changing consumer preferences, and ingredient availability.

Do Discontinued Fragrances Ever Come Back?

Discontinued fragrances may come back, but it depends on the brand’s decision and customer demand.

What Does Sol De Janeiro Smell Like 39?

Sol de Janeiro smells like a tropical blend of coconut, caramel, and vanilla with a hint of pistachio.


It’s a disappointment for many Sol de Janeiro fans to hear that their beloved product, 39, has been discontinued. While the brand hasn’t publicly addressed the decision, there could be several reasons behind this unexpected move. One possibility is that Sol de Janeiro may have decided to shift their focus on developing new and improved products to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Another reason could be related to the ingredients or formulation of 39, which may no longer align with the brand’s values or quality standards. It’s also worth considering that market trends and consumer preferences are constantly changing, and Sol de Janeiro may have made the difficult decision to discontinue 39 to make room for new innovations.

Whatever the reason, it’s important for fans to remember that brands often make these choices with the best intentions of improving the overall customer experience. While it may be disappointing to see a favorite product go, there’s always the possibility of exciting new releases on the horizon.

Stay tuned!

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