What to Do With Old Perfume Bottles

What to Do With Old Perfume Bottles
Written by Lucas M. Hall

Repurpose old perfume bottles as decorative objects or DIY projects. We will explore creative ways to give new life to unused perfume bottles.

Whether you want to display them as standalone pieces, use them for storage, or transform them into new items, there are plenty of options to consider. From turning them into small vases or candle holders to creating unique and personalized gifts, the possibilities are endless.

So, instead of letting them collect dust in a drawer, let’s discover how you can make the most of your old perfume bottles and add a touch of beauty and functionality to your home.

Turning Trash Into Treasure

Repurposing old perfume bottles can add a touch of creativity to your home. Discover unique ways to give new life to your old fragrance containers. Transform them into decorative flower vases, elegant candle holders, or even trendy DIY reed diffusers.

Fill them with colorful stones and use them as stylish bookends or paperweights. Create your own personalized perfume by mixing essential oils in an empty bottle. Attach a pump dispenser to create a stylish hand soap dispenser for your bathroom or kitchen.

Turn the bottles into striking decorative pieces by removing the labels and painting them with vibrant colors or patterns. Add a touch of whimsy to your garden by transforming the bottles into bird feeders or wind chimes. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

So, don’t throw away those old perfume bottles – turn them into treasures for your home!

Decorative Ideas For Old Perfume Bottles

Repurposing old perfume bottles can add a touch of elegance to your home decor. These glass bottles have immense potential to transform into exquisite pieces. One idea is to turn them into beautiful flower vases. Simply remove the caps and add your favorite blooms for an instant centerpiece.

Another option is to fill the bottles with colored water and place them on a windowsill to create a stunning display of light and color. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even paint the bottles in different hues and use them as decorative accents on your shelves or tables.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing old perfume bottles. Let your creativity soar and give these bottles a new life as stylish decor items in your home.

Practical Uses For Old Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles can be repurposed in innovative ways, making them functional and practical. One option is to transform them into decorative flower vases, adding a stylish touch to any living space. Another idea is to repurpose the bottles as oil diffusers by adding reeds and scented oils, creating a soothing and pleasant aroma.

Additionally, you can use these bottles for storing essential oils or homemade beauty products, keeping them organized and easily accessible. They can also serve as stylish containers for homemade room sprays or linen fresheners. Another creative option is to upcycle the bottles into unique jewelry holders or small trinket organizers, perfect for keeping your accessories neatly displayed.

With a little imagination, old perfume bottles can find new life in a variety of practical and aesthetically pleasing roles.

Crafting With Old Perfume Bottles

Unleash your creativity by transforming your old perfume bottles into stunning DIY crafts. These fragrance containers provide the perfect canvas for your artistic side to flourish. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful vase, a unique jewelry holder, or even a decorative centerpiece, the possibilities are endless.

With a little imagination and some simple supplies, you can turn your old perfume bottles into one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reflect your personal style. Consider adding embellishments like ribbons, beads, or paint to enhance the overall aesthetic. Explore different techniques such as decoupage, etching, or stenciling to bring your vision to life.

Don’t let those old perfume bottles go to waste – repurpose them into something beautiful and functional for a truly satisfying DIY experience.

Upcycling Old Perfume Bottles In The Garden

Discover creative ways to repurpose old perfume bottles in your garden. Give these fragrance containers a new lease on life by using them as unique planters or vases. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of charm and elegance using these repurposed gems.

With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you can add a touch of personality to your garden. The intricate designs and shapes of perfume bottles make them perfect for showcasing your favorite flowers or plants. They can also be used as decorative vases, bringing a sense of whimsy to any outdoor setting.

Upcycling old perfume bottles not only helps the environment but also adds a touch of vintage appeal to your garden. Embrace sustainability and elevate your outdoor decor with these repurposed fragrance containers.

Personalizing Old Perfume Bottles

Customizing your old perfume bottles is a great way to add a personal touch to your collection. Whether it’s repurposing them as decorative objects or creating unique gifts, there are many options to explore. One idea is to paint the bottles with your favorite colors or designs, giving them a fresh look.

Another option is to attach decorative charms or ribbons to the bottles for a more whimsical touch. You can also create your own labels or tags to give the bottles a personalized feel. Additionally, filling the bottles with scented oils or potpourri can help revive their fragrance.

Whatever you choose, personalizing your old perfume bottles is a creative way to breathe new life into them while showcasing your individual style.

Displaying And Organizing Old Perfume Bottles

Organize your old perfume bottles in an eye-catching way to showcase their beauty. Create a stylish display for your repurposed fragrance bottles by arranging them on a decorative tray or shelf. Consider grouping them by color or size for added visual interest.

Use unique containers or vases to hold the bottles upright, giving them a more prominent position. Another option is to hang them on a wall-mounted rack or display shelf, creating a focal point in your room. Get creative and think outside the box by incorporating other decorative elements like dried flowers or candles alongside your perfume bottles.

With a little imagination, you can transform your old bottles into stunning pieces of decor that add charm and personality to your space.

Recycling Old Perfume Bottles

Recycling old perfume bottles is a responsible way to contribute to a sustainable future.

Selling And Donating Old Perfume Bottles

Selling and donating old perfume bottles is a great way to repurpose them. Find potential buyers for your fragrance containers and contribute to sustainability. One option is to sell them online on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, you can connect with local vintage or antique shops that may be interested in buying them.

Be sure to take high-quality photos and provide accurate descriptions to attract buyers. Another option is to donate your old perfume bottles to charitable organizations. Organizations such as Dress for Success or local women’s shelters may accept them for their fundraising efforts or to provide to those in need.

By selling or donating your old perfume bottles, you can declutter your space and give new life to these charming containers.

What to Do With Old Perfume Bottles


Expert Tips For Working With Old Perfume Bottles

Expert tips for repurposing old perfume bottles can be extremely valuable when it comes to creativity. Use them wisely and unleash your imagination to create stunning projects that are both functional and beautiful. From transforming perfume bottles into decorative vases or candle holders, to repurposing them as unique storage containers for small trinkets or jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, you can also consider turning empty perfume bottles into personalized air fresheners by adding essential oils. Moreover, painting and decorating the bottles can give them a whole new look. In this blog post, we will explore various ideas and techniques to help you make the most of your old perfume bottle projects.

Follow these insider tips and enjoy the process of repurposing with style and flair.

Frequently Asked Questions For What To Do With Old Perfume Bottles

Can You Do Anything With Old Perfume Bottles?

Yes, you can repurpose old perfume bottles for DIY projects, home decor, or even as collectibles.

Should I Throw Away My Perfume Bottles?

Throwing away perfume bottles depends on whether they are empty or if you plan to reuse them.

Are Old Perfume Bottles Worth Anything?

Yes, old perfume bottles can be valuable.

What Can I Do With Left Over Perfume Bottles?

Leftover perfume bottles can be repurposed for DIY projects, used as room or car fresheners, or recycled at local collection centers.


Repurposing old perfume bottles can be a creative and sustainable way to add a touch of elegance to your home decor. By transforming them into unique flower vases, candle holders, or even jewelry organizers, you can breathe new life into these once-unused items.

Donating them to local art schools or community centers is also a wonderful way to support creativity and inspire budding artists. Should you have a collection of antique perfume bottles, consider selling them to collectors or contacting museums or historical societies that may find value in preserving these artifacts.

With a little imagination and resourcefulness, you can turn your old perfume bottles into stunning pieces that spark conversations and add a personal touch to your living space. So, start exploring your creativity and embrace the endless possibilities that await your old perfume bottles.

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