Sole SB700 vs Bowflex C6 (Which is the Better Bike?)

Sole SB700 vs Bowflex C6
Written by Steve M. Ford

Cycling provides a great way to get a full-body workout without stressing the joints. It’s great for your cardiovascular health and can help you lose weight. The good thing about spin bikes is that they mimic the experience of a regular outdoor bike but with the added benefit of being used indoors. This means you don’t have to worry about any of those things that can discourage you from working out outdoors – bad weather, busy road, or a busy schedule. You also get to save money as opposed to paying monthly for a gym membership. 

Most premium spin bikes are usually on the high side when it comes to price, but there are still cheaper models that are very well, especially when compared to the more expensive Peloton bike. Two good examples are the Bowflex C6 and the Sole SB700. 

In today’s article, we will compare the Sole SB700 vs Bowflex C6 spin bike to help you determine the best option for your need. 

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Sole SB700 Spin Bike

The Sole SB700 is arguably the best cheap Peloton alternative. So, if you’re on a strict budget but still want a more-than-average bike, then you won’t go wrong with this model. The price is pegged around $699, which is far less than what a Peloton cost. Yet, it packs many great features, including a backlit LCD that displays your workout metrics in real-time, adjustable handlebars, 48 pounds flywheel, toe cage pedals, and a tension knob to add or remove resistance.

The bike itself weighs about 141 pounds, while the weight limit is 300 pounds, so it’s able to accommodate a wide range of users. It has a 48-pound flywheel and uses friction-based resistance. 

Bowflex C6 Spin Bike

Bowflex gets our vote as the best spin bike with no required subscription. So, even though it offers some subscription options, you don’t have to use one. It costs more than the SB700 but brings more to the table. 

First, it has Bluetooth connectivity and can be linked to various fitness apps such as Zwift, Schwinn Trainer, and even Peloton. So, if you’re a fan of the Peloton bike, you can still have a similar experience on the Bowflex C6

Other notable features of the bike include toe cage pedals (which can be replaced with SPD cleats), a heart rate monitor, two 3-pound dumbbells, a backlit LCD, 100 resistance levels, and 40-pound chrome flywheel, dual water bottle holders, etc. 

The bike lacks an in-built tablet, but it doesn’t require a subscription.  


Overall, both the Bowflex C6 and Sole SB700 are great bikes and cheaper Peloton alternatives. But while the SB700 is more of a basic model, the C6 offers more high-end features at a higher price. 

Choose the Sole bike if you want a bike that shines in hardware but doesn’t have the tech frills normally found in more expensive models like the Peloton. With no connectivity, you will not be able to participate in virtual classes or compete with other users. Also, it uses friction-based resistance instead of magnetic, so it’s not as quiet as the Bowflex C6. 

On the other hand, the Bowflex C6 uses magnetic resistance with 100 micro-adjustable levels and features a weighty flywheel (40 pounds). It has Bluetooth capability and will connect with most fitness apps.

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