Schwinn IC4 vs Sunny Bike: Which is the Better Option?

Schwinn IC4 vs Sunny Bike
Written by Steve M. Ford

Riding on a spin bike is a great way to achieve physical fitness from the comfort of your home. You can burn extra calories and improve your cardio without putting too much pressure on the joints. The main reason people love this type of bike is because it’s low impact but highly effective.

If you’re in the market for a new spin bike, you might be overwhelmed with the huge array of products available and the wide price difference. Two models you will often hear about are the Schwinn IC4 and Sunny Bike. It’s hard not to notice the price gap between both bikes, but you may wonder if this makes a difference. 

We will look at that in this Schwinn IC4 and Sunny Bike comparison.

Comparing the Schwinn IC4 vs Sunny Bike

Price is usually the first disparity people notice between the IC4 and Sunny Bike, but that is not all there is to it. Of course, there are a number of features that justify the higher price tag of the Schwinn IC4. Let’s look at the main ones:


The Schwinn IC4 features a simple console that records basic workout metrics such as your heart rate, distance covered, speed, and time. However, it doesn’t record power and resistance; for this, you will need to connect to third-party apps like Zwift. 

On the other hand, the Sunny bike doesn’t feature any console. But you have the option to connect a monitor or sensors to get the same metrics provided by the IC4. 

Pedal Design

When it comes to pedals, the IC4 has the upper hand with its dual design pedals. This includes SPD clips and toes cages. So, you can either wear spinning or running shoes.

The Sunny SF-B1805 lacks this feature. Instead, it comes with only toe cages, which can only fit your regular running shoes. However, you can replace this with SPD clips or any pedal of your choice. 


Comfort-wise, the Sunny bike wins with a wider and padded seat. So, users rarely experience any discomfort while using the bike or when done. On the other hand, the seat on the IC4 is not as comfortable as the one on the Sunny bike, but it’s still good enough. It looks more like a racing seat, but you can always adjust it. 

Summary: Schwinn IC4 vs Sunny?

Overall, both bikes are great and offer a smooth and quiet ride. They both have a heavy flywheel and transport wheels that enable you to move them around with ease. 

However, the Schwinn IC4 seems to be the better model even though it costs more. The addition of a monitor to measure your workout stats and the option to choose between two pedal designs makes it more attractive to users. It also offers more resistance levels with micro-adjustments. 

That said, the Sunny bike still offers great value at a lower price. It has a wider and more comfortable seat. 

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