Schwinn IC3 vs Sole SB700: Which One Is Right For You?

Schwinn IC3 vs Sole SB700
Written by Steve M. Ford

One of the best equipment you can add to your home gym is a spin bike. Not only does it provide a good cardio workout, but it’s also cost-effective compared to a gym membership. However, finding the best spin bike may not always be straightforward given a large number of options out there. 

Being able to identify certain key specs and functions will greatly aid in identifying the best spin bike for your needs. Most people are already familiar with Peloton but not everyone will be willing to splurge over $2500 for gym equipment. 

Today, we will look at two cheap Peloton alternatives – Schwinn IC3 vs Sole SB700. We will discuss their main features, cost, and possibly their differences. In the end, we hope to help you decide the best bike for you.

Schwinn IC3

At $500, the Schwinn IC3 is one of the cheapest Peloton alternatives you will find out there. This makes it an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget.

But don’t be deceived by its low price, it brings a lot more to the table. 

First, it comes with a 40-pound flywheel, which is quite impressive. Most bikes in this price range have flywheels not more than 30 pounds. The extra weight of the flywheel ensures you enjoy a smoother ride.

Second, it uses a belt drive train which is quieter and requires less maintenance. The seat and handlebars are fully adjustable while the pedals are dual fit, which means you can use cleats or normal running shoes. 

However, for the resistance system, the bike features a felt brake pad which is not as developed as magnetic resistance and tends to wear down faster. 

Sole SB700

The Sole SB700 is more of an upright bike, so it’s slightly more engaging than the Schwinn IC3. Even though it’s priced higher at $700, it’s still a cheap Peloton alternative. It’s smooth and quiet and comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Just like the elder brother, the SB900, it has a 48-pound flywheel which is simply amazing. You will hardly find a bike with such a heavy flywheel at the price. 

Like the Schwinn IC3, it uses a felt brake resistance which requires a little upkeep. However, it only uses caged pedals which you can only use with tennis shoes. You can always change the pedals if you want to but that would be at an extra cost.


Overall, you can get a good workout with both the Schwinn IC3 and SB700. They both feature a solid frame, heavy flywheel, and adjustable seat and handlebars. The main difference can be seen in the flywheel weight and the pedal system. While the IC3 features a 40-pound flywheel, the SB700 has a 48-pound flywheel but it’s slightly more expensive than the IC3. The dual-fit pedals on the IC3 allow you to use cleats or normal running shoes. But the SP700 only uses caged pedals. 

Overall, both bikes are excellent choices if you need a budget-friendly bike. 

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