Peloton Spin Bike vs Other Bikes (Which One is Better?)

Peloton Spin Bike vs Other Bikes
Written by Steve M. Ford

If you’re an avid gym user, the name “Peloton” should ring a bell. It’s one of the biggest names in the world of indoor cycling. However, their equipment are also known to come with a hefty price tag. So, it’s not strange for new users to question their worth, especially in relation to other cycling bikes

In this article, specifically, we will be looking at the Peloton spin bike vs other bikes and how they stack up against each other. But we will start by answering the most important question…

Is Peloton Spin Bike Worth It

Although inexpensive, Peloton offers several benefits that you may not find in other exercise bikes.

First, it comes with a monthly subscription of $39. With this, you are given full access to all of the spin classes designed by Peloton. Depending on your schedule, you can spin twice a day or as many times as you want. While some users might raise an eyebrow at a monthly subscription, it is nothing compared to paying $20 for one spin class at a traditional gym. More so, you get to work out from the comfort of your home. Of course, Peloton is not the only bike with this feature.

In addition to a wide pool of workouts, Peloton also offers live workout sessions and predefined rides when needed. Each day, you can opt to join any of the 14 live classes, or you can request another ride using the on-demand feature. In other words, you can never run out of options with Peloton.

The bike also allows you to enjoy a ride with other folks who own a Peloton. This could be a friend living very far away or someone in the neighborhood. You can all ride together, though virtually.

In addition, a Peloton membership isn’t limited to a single user. Everyone in the house can also use the bike and customize the settings to suit them.

To crown it all, for someone who can look away from the hefty price tag, Peloton can be a great investment, especially if you consider yourself a workout warrior. It’s a great way to whip yourself into shape.

Peloton vs Other Bike

When comparing Peloton to other bikes, there are a few factors to consider. This includes things like size, screen display, workout goals, features, and of course, your budget. 

Here’s a table showing how Peloton stacks up against other prominent exercise bikes. 

Nordic Track s22i ProForm Studio Series Pro 22 Peloton Bowflex VeloCore Echelon  Connect EX5 Myx II Fitness Bike Schwinn IC4
Price ($) 1300 1499 1895 1699/2199 999 1399 999
Monthly Subscription ($) 39 39 39 19.99 29-39.99 29 12.99
Subscription Requirement Not required Required

(for the first three years)

Required Not required Not required Required Not required
Screen Size (inches) 22″ 22″ 21.5″ 16″/22″ BYO 21.5″ LCD
Touchscreen Yes Yes  Yes Yes No Yes No
Resistance Magnetic Magnetic Magnetic Magnetic Magnetic Friction Magnetic


Overall, a Peloton spin bike offers more software, programming, and community than most exercise bikes. If you plan to use it often, then it would be a great investment despite the price tag.

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