5 Things That Turn Women Off Instantly

Written by Austin August

The art of seduction is not a simple process. Although there are basic techniques anyone can use to capture a woman’s interest, there are more things that men, or boys, can do wrong.

Over time, men get familiar with the right and the wrong decisions and actions. This familiarity enables any man to change his approach by adapting it to the person he tries to impress or turn on.

There are no magic formulas. But anyone can start by avoiding five things that will turn any women off. Let’s see how to turn a woman on instantly by avoiding these errors.

Not using a cologne

Did you know that women use their sense of smell as one of the main methods of selecting a sexual partner?

This happens unconsciously. The sense of smell plays a central role in a woman’s choice. Most women start their sexual relationships with men who smell great or have a dominant scent.

A bad smell hurts your relationships. Fragrances leave a memory in our minds. The right scent can trigger sensual thoughts. This is why some perfumes cost so much.

As I presented in the Creed Aventus, Aventus stands out among many other alternatives. Its success pushes men to buy it even when they like other fragrances more. So as not to repeat what I explained about how to use it properly, which creates all the different results.

Not taking care of your face

Your face is what people see most. Too many men do not take care of their facial skin, though. Your face must not please you. It must please the woman you want to attract. You can get more attention if you care about your face. It represents your health, your energy, and how much you love yourself.

If you have never tried a cleaning routine, you don’t know the difference that several precautions can make. The simplest thing you can do is to follow this link to learn what type of facial skin you have and how you can clean it with the best face wash for men.

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Not styling your hair

Your hair is a detail that indicates how much you care about details. Women spend a lot of time choosing shoes because they love details that convey their personal style.

Your hair shows if you are a refined man with a sense of fashion, or if you are sloppy or careless about what others think.

Most women hate men who don’t know how to play the social game. Getting the girl is not the whole game within the greater game of relationships.

This is a straightforward problem. Many guys start styling their hair, but they never learn to choose the best hair gel for men when they grow up.

As you grow, new hair products replace what you perceived as best. New products make a lot of difference, both for the health of your hair and for the result of your relationships.

Not giving your honest opinion

When it comes to interacting with a girl, many guys think you should always agree with the girl. This is wrong. Attraction doesn’t depend on what you say.

It may depend on how you say it and what you have to say. But if you don’t already have your own interesting life, whatever you have to say will not have a particularly significant meaning for her.

Don’t be afraid to give your sincere opinion. If you don’t say your things as only you can say them, no woman will choose you. Why? They do not know who you truly are. They sense you are hiding your honest opinion. They can’t experience attraction, because they feel fear.

Not knowing when to shut up

Men master how to turn a woman on instantly when they know when to shut up and when to speak. That’s it. You don’t go on blabbing forever. You just say what you need to say, then you shut up. That’s how men do it.

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Austin finished his Master’s Degree in Marketing in 2005. While studying, he worked for a magazine that focused on men and women’s health. This experience sparked his interest in self-care, which he decided to combine with his expertise in marketing. He started his career as a marketing data analyst for a skincare company in the U.S., and not long after, he became Grooming Guide’s head of market research. When he isn’t working, Richard spends his time with his family of five.

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