How to Start a Treadmill Without the Key

How to Start a Treadmill Without the Key 1
Written by Steve M. Ford

If your treadmill does not have a power button, it must be turned on using the key. To start a treadmill without the key, simply insert the key into the slot and turn it to the right. The belt should begin to move and the display will show your current speed.

If your treadmill has a power button, you can press it to turn on the machine.

  • If your treadmill does not have a power button, it will start automatically as soon as you plug it in and turn on the switch
  • If your treadmill has a power button, press it to turn on the machine
  • Once the machine is turned on, select your desired speed and begin walking

Can You Start a Treadmill Without a Safety Key?

No, you cannot start a treadmill without a safety key. The safety key is designed to shut off the power to the motor if it becomes disconnected from the console. This prevents the treadmill from unexpectedly starting up and injuring someone.

How Do You Start a Treadmill?

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to start using a treadmill: First, find a level surface on which to place your treadmill. Once it is in the desired location, open the deck and make sure the belt is centered.

If it is not, use the knob or key located on the side of the treadmill to adjust it. Next, stand on the side rails of the treadmill and press the “on” button. The belt should begin moving at a slow speed.

If it does not, check to be sure that all cords are plugged in correctly and that there isn’t anything blocking the sensors. Now you can begin walking on the belt! Start slowly and then increase your speed as desired.

To stop walking, press the “off” button located on either the control panel or handrails.

Where Does a Treadmill Safety Key Go?

Most treadmills have a safety key that needs to be inserted in order for the machine to run. The safety key is usually located near the front of the treadmill, on the side, or on the console. If you can’t find your safety key, check your owner’s manual for more information.

How to Start a Treadmill Without the Key


Treadmill Safety Key Hack

It’s no secret that working out on a treadmill can be repetitive and boring. But, did you know that there is a way to make your treadmill workout more interesting and interactive? All you need is a simple hack!

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Now when you want to change the speed or incline of your treadmill, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet. The linked website will take you directly to a page where you can enter the new settings. It’s that easy!

This hack is completely safe and won’t void your warranty or damage your treadmill in any way. So go ahead and give it a try next time you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your workout routine.


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about how to start a treadmill without the key. But if you ever lose your key or it breaks, you’ll be glad you know this trick. All you need is a paperclip!

Just straighten out the paperclip and insert it into the hole where the key goes. Then turn the paperclip clockwise until the treadmill starts. It’s that easy!

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