How to Make Your Own Tattoo With Paper And Perfume: DIY Magic

How to Make Your Own Tattoo With Paper And Perfume
Written by Ashiqur Rahaman

Want to sport a cool tattoo without the forever part? Let’s DIY!

What You’ll Need

  • Printable tattoo paper or thick paper
  • Perfume with high alcohol content
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Cotton ball or sponge
  • Your favorite tattoo design printed out
  • Scissors to cut out the tattoo

Steps to Create Your Tattoo

  1. Choose and print the design you love.
  2. Cut out the tattoo close to the edges of the design.
  3. Clean your skin where you want the tattoo with water.
  4. Spray the printed side of the paper with perfume.
  5. Place the paper onto your skin, design side down.
  6. Press down and make sure the paper is wet through.
  7. Hold it in place for about 60 seconds.
  8. Peel away the paper gently to reveal your tattoo!

Design Ideas

Unsure about what tattoo to make? Here are some neat ideas:

  • Your name or initials in fancy letters
  • A cool animal like a unicorn or dragon
  • A lovely flower or tree
  • Stars, moons, and space stuff
  • Your superhero or cartoon character

Tips for Best Results

Follow these tips to make your tattoo look great and last longer:

  • Avoid areas that bend a lot, like elbows.
  • Don’t rub the tattoo area after application.
  • Let the tattoo dry for a few minutes.
  • Use a hairdryer on a cool setting to help it set.
  • If edges peel up, dab a bit more perfume on them.

How to Remove Your Tattoo

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your tattoo, it’s easy:

  1. Soak a cotton ball with baby oil or alcohol.
  2. Press it over the tattoo and hold for a few seconds.
  3. Gently rub away the design until it’s all gone.

Rinsing with warm water and soap after will help remove any residue.

How to Make Your Own Tattoo With Paper And Perfume: DIY Magic


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Any Paper For A Temporary Tattoo?

Regular printer paper works well for creating temporary tattoos with the perfume method.

Is Special Perfume Needed For Paper Tattoos?

High-alcohol content perfumes are recommended to effectively transfer the tattoo design from paper to skin.

How Long Does A Paper And Perfume Tattoo Last?

Typically, a temporary tattoo made with paper and perfume lasts a couple of days, depending largely on skin type and care.

What Designs Work Best For Diy Tattoos?

Simple, bold designs without fine details are ideal for DIY temporary tattoos using paper and perfume.


Creating your own paper and perfume tattoos is easy and fun!

You can change designs any time you want. Perfect for kids and parties!

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself without being permanent.

How to Make Your Own Tattoo With Paper And Perfume: DIY Magic


Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How long will the tattoo last? A few days, depending on care and skin type.
Can I use any perfume? Yes, but one with high alcohol content works best.
Is it safe for my skin? Yes, if you’re not allergic to the perfume ingredients.
Can I swim with my tattoo? It’s best avoided, but a quick dip might be fine.

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