How Many Perfumes Does Ariana Grande Have

How Many Perfumes Does Ariana Grande Have
Written by Ashiqur Rahaman

Pop sensation Ariana Grande is not just known for her chart-topping hits and impressive vocal range, but also for her line of captivating perfumes. Join us as we explore the olfactory journey Ariana Grande takes us on with her fragrance collection.

How Many Perfumes Does Ariana Grande Have


How Many Perfumes Does Ariana Grande Have


The Fragrant World of Ariana Grande’s Perfumes

Since 2015, Ariana Grande has been gracing the perfume industry with her presence, releasing an array of fragrances that reflect her personality and music career. Each perfume is designed with a unique blend of notes that cater to a variety of preferences, making these scents a hit among her fans and fragrance enthusiasts alike. But, how many perfumes does the pop diva have to her name?

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Ariana Grande Perfume Collection Table

Perfume Name Release Year Main Accords
Ari by Ariana Grande 2015 Fruity Floral Gourmand
Frankie by Ariana Grande 2016 Unisex, Citrus, Woody
Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande 2016 Sweet, Fruity, Vanilla
Moonlight by Ariana Grande 2017 Fruity, Floral, Marshmallow
Cloud by Ariana Grande 2018 Lavender, Pear, Bergamot
Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande 2019 Fruity, Floral, Woody
R.E.M. by Ariana Grande 2020 Salty, Sweet, Musk
God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande 2021 Warm, Spicy, Woody, Amber

As the table outlines, Grande has introduced at least eight distinctive perfumes. Ariana’s fragrances offer a delightful blend of youthful charm with a sophisticated touch, embodying different aspects of her dynamic personality. Here’s a closer look at the signature elements of Ariana Grande’s fragrance line:

  • Ari— her debut fragrance, which is a luscious blend of fruity top notes and a heart of floral creaminess.
  • Frankie— named after her brother, this gender-neutral scent blends spicy, bold notes with a refreshing hint of citrus.
  • Sweet Like Candy— a decadent concoction of berries, vanilla, and sweet marshmallows, tempting like a forbidden fruit.
  • Moonlight— a daring yet serene fragrance that encourages confidence and individuality.
  • Cloud— a dreamy perfume that spirits you away into a fluffy cloud of joy and tranquility.
  • Thank U, Next— inspired by her hit song, this perfume is for the strong and independent woman who’s ready to move on to her next chapter.
  • R.E.M— capturing the essence of dreams, this fragrance blends sugary, woody, and floral notes to create a celestial scent.
  • God Is A Woman— a powerful and sultry scent that combines elegance with empowerment.

These scents have not only captured the market with their delightful fragrances but also with their whimsical bottle designs, each embodying the essence of the perfume it holds.

Choosing Your Ariana Grande Fragrance

When selecting your perfect Ariana Grande perfume, consider the following factors:

  1. Occasion: Decide whether you need a light everyday scent or something more striking for evening events.
  2. Season: Some fragrances suit warmer seasons, while others are perfect for colder months.
  3. Mood: Your scent can mirror your mood. Opt for uplifting citrus or calm floral notes depending on how you feel.
  4. Personality: Choose a perfume that reflects your personality, whether it be bold and confident or soft and romantic.

Finding your signature Ariana Grande scent is about exploring the options and identifying which of these fragrances speaks to you the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ariana Grande’s Perfume Count?

Ariana Grande currently has launched 12 fragrances in her perfume line.

When Was Ariana’s First Fragrance Released?

Ariana’s debut scent, Ari by Ariana Grande, was released in September 2015.

Are Ariana Grande’s Perfumes Award-winning?

Yes, her fragrance, Cloud, won the 2019 Fragrance of the Year award.

Do Ariana Grande Perfumes Have Vegan Options?

Select fragrances by Ariana Grande are advertised as vegan-friendly.

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