Difference between assault bike and stationary bike: Which Is Right for You?

Difference between assault bike and stationary bike
Written by Steve M. Ford

When looking to get a good cardio workout without attending a traditional gym, an exercise bike quickly comes to mind. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the huge number of options available. Ellipticals, treadmills, spin bikes, fan bikes, stationary bikes, rowers…the list goes on. 

Stationary bikes and assault bikes (sub-type of fan bikes) are two of the common options. The difference is not always clear between both machines, and this can become a source of debate amongst indoor cyclists or gym-goers. 

Today, we will look at the difference between assault bikes and stationary bikes with the goal of helping you determine the best one for your fitness goals. 

What is an Assault Bike

An assault bike is simply a fan bike. The term “assault” is the brand name and denotes the ability to deliver an intense workout. Of course, this is peculiar with every fan bike. 

The three main assault bikes available in the market are Assault Bike Classic, Assault Bike Elite, and Assault Bike Pro

The main feature of the assault bike is the ability to create its own resistance using the large fan at the front and air. Like a stationary bike, it has a center console and an adjustable saddle.

What is a Stationary Bike?

A stationary bike can be an upright exercise bike or a recumbent model. It typically features a console that often comes with pre-programmed settings. 

Like most spin bikes, stationary bikes usually have variable resistance. So, you can adjust them by selecting a difficulty level to suit your workout. 

However, while some spin bikes might use a magnet for resistance, stationary bikes generally use contact-based resistance. 

Assault Bike vs. Stationary Bike: The Difference

The main difference between assault bikes and stationary bikes can be seen in the type of handlebars and resistance they use.

While a stationary bike features adjustable handlebars, an assault bike uses moving handlebars. This means that you can only adjust the handlebars with a stationary bike, but with an assault bike, you have to move the handlebars while working out. 

Likewise, an assault bike features a large wheel at the front with several fan blades. A stationary bike, on the other hand, has a smaller front wheel (flywheel), which comes with a rotating shaft.

However, while a stationary bike uses magnetic or contact-based resistance, which can be set or adjusted via a knob, an assault bike creates resistance through the fan as you pedal. So, in essence, there’s no limit to how much resistance can be created on an assault bike as long as you can control it. 

Overall, an assault bike delivers a more intense exercise, which makes it the preferred choice for HIIT workouts. But you will get better control with a stationary bike.

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